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I love to creep it real
Hey, we should do lunch. *And by do lunch I mean, stick your dick in a hot pocket
Word of advice: When a white chick says nigga with the hard ER, just walk away.
Time to roll one up and light it
Thanks 635 for the perfect end to my horrible day
I'm official the creepy guy on the bus
Super thug extraordinaire
Once you file your taxes with a chick she's yours forever
I put a spell on you, and now you're mine. If only it were that simple.
Shout out to all the white girls that have always wanted black kids
Your twitter headline tells me all I need to know about you.
Tweets that never got sent vvvvvvv
I drink my beers, like I fuck my women. Hard, fast, and with no regards to what comes afterwards.
Gurl, you're one penis touch away from having everything you've ever wanted
The only thing Jesus has saved me from is having to pay Hector $10 more to mow my lawn
Niggas will be niggas
People are always taking casual friday to the extreme
I'm going to start calling alcohol, inspiration juice
I gotta find someone to do this weekend
Hey gurl you wanna be frans?
You look like a stripper, but in a good way
I love girls that say "I don't normally do this, but..."
I am just too black for this type of weather.