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Jason Thibault
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How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Should Have Ended [VIDEO] -
This is the Best Trailer for a Cookbook Ever Created [NSFW] - - now that's how to market
Qwerkywriter: a mechanical typewriter keyboard for your computer -
That ‘Blade Runner’ Porn Parody You Always Wanted, ‘Laid Runner’ Is Finally Here -
Are shifting demographics killing sales of veteran artists at cons? — - comment section is lively on this one
Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Love to Write -
Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Eric Roth Takes You on a Tour of His Writing Process
‘True Detective': HBO Confirms Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn to Star in Season 2 -
This video was filmed inside a real, huge, empty city where only robots will hear you scream -
Iconic Portrait Photos Throughout History Recreated with John Malkovich as the Subject
Fear As A Way Of Life: Why Women In Comics Don’t ‘Just Report’ Sexual Harassment -
Watch Steven Soderbergh’s Silent B&W Version of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ -
Including a PAID gig for an artist on a massive 350-400 page dark historical graphic novel.
There's a crapload of jobs and connections in the Connecting Comic Book Writers and Artists FB Group -
How Has Self-Publishing Changed In The Last 2 Years? Interview With David Gaughran -
The Narrative Fallacy: Why You Shouldn’t Copy Steve Jobs -
22 Banned and Challenged Comics -
Ten famous comic strip artists draw their characters blindfolded -
The Self-Publishing Revolution Is Only Just Beginning -
Every Stephen King Novel Summarized in 140 Characters or Less -
RT @Robot6: Brian Bendis shuts down his long-running message board
Meticulous Visual Recreation Of Moon Landing Shows It Wasn't A Hoax -
Ghostbusters and TMNT Posters by Rich Kelly -
Lucifer TV Series Will Follow Neil Gaiman's Devil To Los Angeles -
Take 12 minutes to erase your chances at sleeping tonight -
The tension was running high in the office today. So I cranked this at peak volume. Everything is okay now.
Zack Snyder's Star Wars / Batman mashups continue with Gotham police arresting a stormtrooper -
Rocket and Groot go exploring in Calvin and Hobbes mashups -
Darwyn Cooke Illustrates 23 Variant Covers For The DC Universe You Wish Really Existed -
‘Batman v Superman’ Batmobile Revealed, and It Is a Beast -
'Watchmen' writer Alan Moore has finished a 1 million word novel -
Today brings us a magic watch and a 'cosmic death bubble' that may wipe out the universe. It's a Stan Lee and Jack Kirby kind of Tuesday.
Heh - Reddit user made famous off celeb nude photos wants his privacy back -
Hollywood’s Horrid Summer: Why the Box Office Has Been Worse Than It Looks (and Won’t Get Better Soon) «
Weekend Box Office: This Weekend Saw The Fewest Tickets Bought Since 1988 -
RT @ComicExperience: Pro Tip: When you're sick, contact ur employer/clients & inform them ur working hard but at a slower pace. Then plan...
If you haven't seen this video yet of a man staring into the face of a volcano - you need to fix that -
If You Have 14 Minutes, You Have Time to Learn the Basics of Cinematic Composition
Watch As People Flee In Terror From The Giant Mutant Spider Dog -
Here's the trailer for the much-anticipated HR Giger documentary: DARK STAR - HR GIGERS WELT -
Read an Exclusive Excerpt From James Ellroy's New Book 'Perfidia' -
ICv2 announces The New Comics Customer conference at NYCC —
Awesomeness: Millions Of Public Domain Images Being Put Online -
Hyper Realistic Paintings by Rod Penner -
What Are Trademarks and Do I Need Them? -
10 of the Most Fantastical Burning Man Creations -
How To Stop Putting Things Off And Make Yourself Get To Work -
15 Of Jack Kirby's Wildest DC Comics Covers -
Raising A Birthday Glass To Comics King Jack Kirby -
Martin Scorsese's Ramones Movie Will Come Out in 2016 -