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Jason Segel
Only 3 days until the 5 Year Engagement! Go see it this weekend please. Guaranteed to be an amazing date movie for all!
Ladies and Gentleman please give a warm welcome and a follow to my amazing Himym costar @CobieSmulders . She may be the nicest person ever.
I'm on David Letterman tonight team! If you're up check it out. I think I did well.
4 days until 5 year engagement! If we break 30 mil opening weekend I will tweet an embarrassing childhood video for all to enjoy. I promise.
5 days until 5 year engagement comes out!! We opened the Tribeca film festival. People laughed hard! I wore a suit.
Countdown for 5 Year Engagement
Yes team. It's here!! The 5 Year Engagement red band trailer. And guess what? The movie opens 1 WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!
Sorry team, we ran out of time for the engagement tweets but they are loaded and ready for the next two weeks of talk shows for 5 year!!
Ok team. I'm going to tape The Tonight Show. I'll read three of your engagement stories on air, so start sending please! Make em good!
For your viewing pleasure---- a clip from 5 year engagement. Just some guys planning a wedding.
@jasonsegel My fiancé took me hiking. Halfway through I was told I could hike this mountain or marry him. Well shit... I'll take marriage.
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In honor of 5 year engagement, pls send your engagement stories in only 1 tweet and I'll retweet some fun ones, or maybe read on tv! Love, J
thanks a million. I wrote it with the director Nick Stoller so they had no choice but to let me do my acting too. That's my big trick!!
@jasonsegel ~ I'm so glad you were cast for this role ~ you look great, and this is going to be so much fun to watch, I just know it! Great
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I just bought Compuserve for a billion dollars. I have faith. Ps- five year engagement is coming. Get ready.
And it begins!!! The countdown to 5 year engagement!! I couldn't be more excited. My head looks gigantic in these ads!
A fun blast from the past! Thanks for the pic Evelyn!! These were the great old days! Naïveté of youth!
Holy Moly guys, in less than 3000 people we'll hit 1 million followers. The most of anyone on twitter!! When it happens we should celebrate.
Jeff who lives at home opens today! Please go see it if you can. I'm really proud to be a part of it. It's a little bit of everything.
a very very happy birthday to my amazing kid sister @alibaby90 - I'm very lucky to have such an amazing sister and friend.
Ok, goodnight guys and thank you again for always being so cool to me. Jeff comes out the 16th and I really think you'll dig it. It's great.
My previous philosophy was just to make a face that matches the words I'm saying, but the brilliant Duplass bros made Ed helms and I act.
Tonight was the Jeff Who Lives at Home premiere. You guys will be proud of me. Go see it if you have the chance. I do acting.
Almost a million of us now. Wanna see something cool? Call a friend. Say something nice and mean it even if it feels dumb. It's rad.
Well that was easy. I'm never saying thank you again. It spawns a 2 million person jail brawl for some reason. Anyway, you're the best ever
Are we about to have some sort of wild west comedy tweet standoff? No one wins in this situation. Except me. But I was just saying thanks.
Holy moly guys. The past hour or so of how kind you guys are to me is not lost on me for a second. I will try to pay it back somehow ASAP
We don't even know each other and you guys want me to be happy. I'm not being sarcastic at all when I say that actually means a lot.
I'm also only accepting roles where I am sitting or laying down.
I've decided it's finally time for me to get a real "leading man" body. Like Marlon Brando in The Godfather.
Hey guys, so sorry i have been very bussy lately and forgot about Instagram.
Huge congratulations to Bret McKenzie and the Muppets on their big Oscar win. I'm very proud of the team!!
I just crushed potato chips on top of a pepperoni and sausage pizza alone in bed watching Secretariat. Happy Valentine's day.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I wish we were together. But I promise, I'm not going out with anyone else.
The petition to let the muppets sing at the Oscars has almost reached 50,000 signatures! Lets keep it going! Thanks! RT
Thank you SO much to the UK fans finally enjoying Muppets! If you feel inclined let @TheAcademy know you'd like to see us sing at the Oscars
Check out this clip from Wanderlust dudes. Paul Rudd, Judd Apatow and the rest of the gang have nailed it again!
You can also message @TheAcademy and let them know personally you'd like to see Man or Muppet performed on the show!
@PerezHilton: We've got close to 3,000 signatures! Let's get to 100,000!!!… " THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!
Help #TheMuppets get on the Oscars! Sign the petition urging the Academy to let them perform their nominated song! RT
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@TheAVClub: The Oscars doing their best to make sure you won't have to listen to any Muppets.” we need to start a riot
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I'm driving now and just saw this. Anything that happens in the next 20 min is because I can't change my password till I get home.
Twitter account hacked again. I don't understand the point of what you're trying to do hackers. Why? Sorry to anyone following me.
Though I'm pretty sure my family thinks its an actual degree