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Jason Sides
Bravo said, "There's only 3 things u can do in a fight: Stand toe to toe & bang, take it to the ground, or pull GUARD" STAY IN THE GUARD
He still performs miracles!
Please keep Levi in your prayers today as he has what we believe will be his LAST surgery. Pastors @JasonMSides & @KatySides faith is strong
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If you're gifted to be a solution, then problems are your job security.
CW! Don't miss tomorrow, I've got a Word for you! See y'all at 10am!
Well God, we need one more. Nothing is too hard for you. Would you help me declare total healing over Levi's brain in the Name of Jesus!
Excellent example of omnipresence vs in habitation @JasonMSides U made that thing CLEAR!! #powerinpraise
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CW! This morning I'm continuing our series, "Thriving in Toxic Environments" Meet me at church or watch live at 10am
No matter the struggle: -God is good -My wife is:Godly, Sexy, Sweet -We are going on a date! We're still in the fire BUT we're still happy
If you haven't read @edeweysmith #50Questions ,you really should
Jonah stands as a warning that human hearts never change quickly or easily even when someone is being mentored directly by God
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Hanging out at the legendary LivingWay Church with @brandonfender listening to some phenomenal preaching!#GX
Leaders in the Body of Christ must make a stand against this civil injustice. I'm thankful for men like @edeweysmith who speak to the issue
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.... Except in #Ferguson Regardless of your politics, our 1st Amendment rights are under siege. Pray.
It’s kind of adorable how we all act like yogurt is not kind of gross.
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Day #111 Sitting in the NICU feeding my baby hearing @sherylbrady in my head saying "something big is coming out of this"...holding on.
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Thanks Robin, for all the smiles & laughter. You spread so much joy. #RIPRobinWilliams
Yet another young, unarmed African American man is dead at the hands of the police. Don't know all the details... Praying for his family.
I mean sometimes, you just have to turn "Happy" on full blast in your kitchen and hop around on one foot while your wife plays air guitar...
....a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at your right hand, BUT IT SHALL NOT COME NIGH THEE We've been living this. #Amazing
Through many dangers, toils & snares I have already come.'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far, & Grace will lead me home. #AmazingGrace
Alright Cowboys Fans- Pre-Season starts for us in 8mins.. THIS YEAR is gonna be different.. Romo is gonna be GREAT! Ok? #IneedDeliverance
Have u ever loved smbody that kept breaking ur heart? U try to get away but ur heart just won't let them go #DallasCowboys #ConfessionOfAFan
I'm locked in an unhealthy love affair with the @dallascowboys They break my <3 every year, yet when preseason starts, still I'm here #Fan
Watching Pastor @JasonMSides on TBN! It's getting good! #Offering
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Dynamic service today! If u missed it check it out right here! @EricMooreCo @nickcedillo @markbrady0123 ARE ALL GREAT…
You're close! That's why the enemy has escalated the warfare against you. You're close! And you will reap in due season IF you don't quit!
CW! Don't miss Pt 2 of our Series, Thriving in Toxic Environments tmrw at 7pm! We'll be back in Matt 6 discovering the secret key of Prayer
Great move of God today! @EricMooreCo was phenomenal! Check out the msg, it starts about 50mins into the clip. Enjoy!…
We must move in the Spirit, lengthening the shadows for the Sunset of Grace. How loud beats the drums of midnight..
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There's a miracle with your name on it in His Presence today! Don't allow the enemy to keep you from entering IN!
CW! The service is going to be awesome today, don't miss it! Get here or watch live
Difficult times help you identify what's essential. Blessed times allow you the luxury to indulge your dreams & visions. Know your season.
CW, I've been praying for u! I have a distinct urgency for what God has given me to share with u this Sunday! Come expecting great things!
Your own ears need to hear your own mouth say who God is to you! Speaking to yourself what you believe about God is critical to your Faith!
CW! Get ur hands on some fresh Praise & Worship from America's leading Psalmist @PastrClintBrown #ColorsOfPraise
I want church tonight! Foot stompin, hand clappin, tongue talkin, isle runnin, oil flowin LOUD raucous CHURCH! Who has a Tue night service??
Tolerance isn't about not having beliefs. It's about how your beliefs lead you to treat people who disagree with you.
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My little boy is getting so much better!! Developmental specialist just left his room & all she could say was, "I'm just Amazed" #GodCan
@JasonMSides Thank you so much pastor for sending them. We promise to take care of them and send them back on fire!!! Love ya!
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This morning we sent some of our best leaders to take our youth group T.R.U.T.H. to receive from @drewcastillo & @BishopJakes at #FireCode
"Love is not love in the absence of options." Choice proves love. --Pastor Jason Sides @JasonMSides
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@JasonMSides @vans3rdgirl @JoNNy_JiVE @KatySides @Levy_Griffin "I can't pay tithes! I have bills!" What if GOD sent you a bill? -Jason Sides
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Never heard a sermon on #tithing quite like today's sermon. My pastor @JasonMSides once again broke it down. #anointed Its about LOVE!! 🙏
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