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Insane. Someone hacked my voicemail and changed my outgoing message to get me to invest.
Not funny, no clever -- felony?…
Now the press will give this founder 100 stories for hacking me and inspire 100 more folks... Is it really a @ycombinator startup cc @sama?
Now I'm locked out of my voicemail, despite the criminal giving my the new passcode. Right before an important trip to NYC at 6am tomorrow.
2/if you did hack my voice mail writing a blog post about it is a fucking really stupid idea; emailing me to alert me a security weakness +1
now I have to stop hosting my daughters Halloween party because some idiot hacked my voicemail to get my to invest in his startup. Really?
Gonna be a scary kids party today!
Now is a great time to donate to Doctors Without Borders. Support our medical heroes!…
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The first person to ride @Uber in #Nevada during its short-lived launch Friday was #Vegas native and @thekillers front man @BrandonFlowers
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So nice when the peeps at apple recognize the show…
Jim Carrey mocks Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Ads on SNL, gives Uber a shoutout. // @ryangraves @travisk
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Gordon Ramsey's creaming butter eggs (whisked constantly on low heat), topped with creme fraiche--iced… [pic] —
Author @tferriss is grilled by angel investor @Jason Calacanis on This Week in Startups.
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maniacs in SF paying $5 for iced chicory coffee (which Is cheaper coffee!) from @bluebottleroast -- I make it for .25
Hey Giants fans — @gojifun has the hook up on all the best places to watch tonight's game:
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This Matthew @McConaughey @LincolnMotorCo advertisement has sealed the deal. I will never buy a Lincoln.
Birdman is powerful, bizarre, meta and magical. @MichaelKeaton never left, but he came back anyway... Just go.
Congrats @sundarpichai on taking over almost everything @google; remember, google's won almost everything--be good to those who haven't.
Here's the story of the startup founder who gave me a vibrator ...…
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Wow, I just broke 200k followers. I wonder if you can figure out who followed you at 200,000 exactly?!
Captricity is awarded a one-year, $270,000 contract to digitize the FEC’s records.
Rich residents of Dubai are opting for vintage cars instead of supercars.
Awesome episode of @twistartups with @tferriss
Wow RT @Circa: Satanist admits to smashing Ten Commandments, urinating on it afterwards…
Impt reading for founders. Hustle, but be thoughtful. tl;dr sex toys ≠ approps swag:… cc: @Jason who spreads the word
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I've shared 2,178 memories with my friends on #Path - see them now at! #thepersonalnetwork
Let's treat doctors & nurses coming back from Africa like heroes they are @GovChristie @NYGovCuomo -put out a nosh?…
ICYMI TWIST LIVE! @tferriss talks to @Jason abt writing, angel investing, mindfulness & pushing his body to the limit…
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#launchscale @Jason -Launch Scale was one of the best conference I've been to. Great job Jason / Launch team.
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I think when I get my @TeslaMotors model D me and @elonmusk should do the d-rally across the U.S.! Like smokey and the bandit style!
Agree with message, concerned bout delivery; putting kids in spotlight this way is risky (can define them for life)
Lone wolf / stray dog -- there is no problem/these aren't the droids “@liamstack: The cover of today's New York Post
So, @reserve, sure if starting to feel a lot like "Fall 2014" isn't it? Whaddya think? :-)
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This is why I need someone to make me a @TWistartups app --… podcasting is getting huge
2/what this means is that for every 1% of Americans that discover podcasting there will be a huge lift in consumption -- just huge
For people who listen to podcasts (2% of Americans) its huge % their audio consumption…
My response to the Guardian's 10 questions.
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For founders, change is the constant. “@jhitchco: The leaves of change
Anyone from Iowa who can't take a @TeslaMotors test drive: come to SF & personal drive mine!… team @elonmusk!
via @RecentApp: Tesla Model S Owners Unite To Offer Law-Skirting Test Drives In Iowa…
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McClellands Dairy grass feed butter & @BellwetherFarms creme fraiche are both essential for preparing proper eggs
My @GordonRamsay whisked eggs with butter and creme fraiche! Who wants?!
Thank you @Squarespace for sponsoring @TWistartups love the show! @Jason makes #learning #entrepreneurship possible every day.
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2/China executes more people than almost everyone--combined. Which really does help with their peaceful society strategy.
Iran hangs 26 year old women who killed/assisted killing man raping her…
Once again, women can't catch a break! Thousands in Iran Protest Acid Attacks on Women
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2/Islam caught in the middle. Peaceful Muslims unable to speak freely for fear of retribution, massive empathy due to air strikes / CD.