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Holy crap, it’s been a decade or more since I thought about D<N aka DEN aka Digital Entertainment Network… @Jason
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Like 2 years old... Ice cream. Joy. Love.
Huge miss “@buffer: See Buffer's Rejected Y Combinator Application: Yup, we published it! :)”
Robots are awesome... MIT designs self-assembling blocks
Food texture affects calorie perception and portion control.
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If there a (non-blackhat) tool which you can use to follow all the top twitter handles in a topic? like follow the top 100 #bitcoin handles
The relief & joy you feel when your project is accepted & loved by the first 1k people. #founder #forlife
I'm listening to @Jason on @TWistartups @shyp picks up your stuff and mails it for you on @SwellApp. Listen here…
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we are making awesome progress @inside -- it's thrilling. great to be back in news game, creating value 
these headlines sometimes write themselves... Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Andre Johnson severs his... penis
LAUNCH Beacon in NYC: Exploring the Future of Retail, Location and Payments via @Launch @Jason @LAUNCHBeacon
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@Jason's response to trends "1. Start writing checks as an angel investor 2. Hold a conference:" Love that.
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Some day you'll be able to say ‘I’d like to take 1% of my net worth and put it into angel deals.' - @naval @AngelList
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journalist: we would like to talk to you about women raising money. (male) angel: please speak to these 3 female founders I invested in. 
Every single founder seeking early-stage capital should listen to this chat b/w @Jason & @kevingibbon of @shyp -…
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@Jason @launchticker i love launch ticker and @inside They make my twitter feed a news feed: best use of real-time publishing.
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Really? -- Expert says MH370 has "essentially" been found.
Interesting, @google's new TOS says we all just agreed to be recorded on @googleglass & google #drones w/a worldwide royalty free license.
HandUp Communities is live, connecting donors + homeless members.… Thanks for being such a big part of this @Jason!
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Meet my pal Adam @HandUp. He's homeless. He needs some help. You can help. $500 a month would change his life:$1 each
Highly recomment following: @launchticker -- real time, curated news.