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.@danylevy on what it feels like to cash out--then watch your company die @bobbiegossage
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when I get a tweet like @howardlindzon's, or read @om, i remember my true passion is writing…
11/And if anyone knows @MarkKnopfler please email intro me. I'd love to interview him and discuss this little known masterpiece.
@Jason Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.
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10/Listen to Jokerman couple of times today/this week; share thoughts & maybe next week I'll do another Dylan album
9/Jokerman, a reflection on faith that can make an atheist of @SamHarrisOrg level reconsider the existence of God
8/You can learn more about Israel from the lyrics of 'Neighborhood Bully' than in the @nytimes…
7/You can see @bobdylan's influence on @tompetty & @ElvisCostello -- they are not signing a cover, they're communing
6/'License to Kill' would be @tompetty or @ElvisCostello's greatest hit: instead it's Dylan's forgotten masterpiece
5/"Patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings" - Dylan can't help but go political... in a love song
4/Dylan's love reflections continues in Sweetheart Like You: "news of you came down the line, even before you even came in the door"
3/Listen to lyrics, get lost in the melody -- feel the confounded emotion & @MarkKnopfler playful guitar
2/Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight, a love song that bookmarks Dylan's 'Just Like a Women' chronicles man's struggle w/emotion through logic
1/Great contributors have worked w/@bobdylan, but @MarkKnopfler's work on Infidels is sublime, life changing & with hints at an EDM future.
Shutting down my LA studio... a little more emotional than I thought it would be. tear drop...
Anyone else pissed off that Apple is doing iPad upgrades in the wrong order? Should be Mini THEN 9.7"
1. research team, order on of these and let's do a 5-day review of it, as everyone on the Ticker is currently
Bill Gates has one this so far, but I wouldn't sleep on @elonmusk, who I'm guessing will be dowsed with a rive
... & so the robot take over begins, one bath towel at a time.
For the love of God, will someone steal this brilliant idea and come up with a startup college?! Broad strokes
Just last year everyone was talking about @Square going out of business & now they are launching tons of [ more ]
I did a tweet storm on @BuzzFeed funding and got some interesting feedback here:…
Q&A sites are awesome for engagement and from time-to-time you can get a really nice result (Quora, Tippy.
I'm a big fan of @Glympse, and this is the first app I've seen that would make me get back on the pebble train
Unprecedented! “@elonmusk: Model S drivetrain warranty increased to infinite miles, applies retroactively ...…