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Bezos gunning for Google's AdNetwork with Twitch purchase: my take
It's crazy, but they are saying we are forbidden from going to this area of burning man. Wonder what we'll find?
Thanks @audible_com, the leading provider of audiobooks, for supporting @Jason & @TWistartups! Get a free audiobook:
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Costing me $50 to valet at Westin & use their @teslamotors charger--wish superchargers were in cities for $$
Anyone have tesla model s charger in San Francisco? Market, financial, persidio areas? Need to charge next couple of weeks
You just can't make this stuff up -… - CA Senator votes to kill @Uber and arrested for DUI just hours later
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.@ArianaGrande wins Best Pop Video at the #VMAs for "Problem" and thanks collaborator @IGGYAZALEA.
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Lemonade! “@vickydnguyen: Napa-- skaters finding upside to quake damage. Photo Jeremy Carroll
@Jason - fwiw we took your advice on the app - glad your team likes it! Hope you have a chance to check it out too.
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complete knock off down to # lines! Can't wait until they copy our follow, personalization & mobile features.
Today's App of the Day is @N3twork, a personal television network app.…
I never worry when competitors copy exactly what I've built because they are a year behind. Plus they reinforce who the leader is. :-)
Nice to see that @qz photocopied @inside -- #followtheleader
highlights of getting older? testing the brilliant iPhone prototype at the most transcendental bar in town
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My favorite burning man story: devilish elf w/magic wand runs into middle of dance floor in sequence tuxedo &taps people on head: @markpinc
Thanks to my new friends ( I think ) @mirell for the major transgender education today. I do appreciate the dialogue & I care deeply.
3/Was raised to not talk about good deeds, to just do them because that's what Jesus did. I'm an atheist now, but still down with Jesus.
2/Not that $100 is a lot, but was moved by plight of transgender peeps & took action in 2011. Do this constantly, never talk about it.
1/Was told tday I don't care about transgender people. I care about all people deeply. I don't share everything but..
Here's a ruby developer looking for work! @mirell, solid resume:…
Anyone know the name of startup that manages @Airbnb / @vrbo listings for you? Was in LA I think, @techstars @LaunchpadLA or @founding maybe
I move up, bring eq “@inside: A 6.0-magnitude #earthquake hits the San Francisco Bay Area.…
After two years of captivity, an unknown terrorist group frees journalist Peter Theo Curtis.
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Rap record producer @sugeknight was shot multiple times Sunday and remains in intensive care.
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Sometimes she smiles like me & it's like looking in a mirror--so I picked the 1977 filter (which would be 2 years off).
Why would spend drive this hulking, polluting rr dinosaur instead of a clean, fast @teslamotors model s?!? Destroy the planet.... Why?!?
This is my next dog: dogue de bordeaux! So friendly, so huge!
Sat down w/ @Jason in #SF to discuss how @CatapultSports is revolutionizing pro-sport using wearable tech
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2/and to be sure, I'm all for the systematic & brutal killing of known terrorist.
Without taking sides, or being fully informed on gaza, found this statement powerful… thoughts?
not that I have a fully formed opinion on gaza other than 'stop, innocent people are dying!'
Clearly my wife and I have the best art car at burning man this year! Everyone is bartering with us willingly!
Almost done setting up our camp at burning man -- hard work, but I'm getting a great tan and really buff!
Glad I made it to #burningman if only to see this installation before it gets muddy! But what about drought? #YOLO
Customers taking ads! “@elonmusk: Ad taken out by Model S owners right. Many..suggestions will be implemented soon.
I can't wait to have @BenedictEvans at my super secret SF poker game. Over under is 4 games before he works for @Launch fund. #badbeat
@Jason @inside has made it's way to my home screen. One of the first apps I open in the morning. Great product.
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ICYMI: @CatapultSports optimizes player performance worldwide w/powerful analytics. @Jason sits down w/@adirshiffman
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Apple removes anonymous sharing app Secret from its @AppStore in Brazil; a court in Victoria found t...
Benedict Cumberbatch takes the ice bucket challenge for the Motor Neurone Disease Association…
I've got way to much work to get done this week -- but I really feel like going to burning man.
The #bulldog reunion!!!!!
A case of 210 Hampton Creek Just Cookies requires 2,000 fewer gallons of water to produce versus conventional cookies
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We had @coin at @Launch festival and on @TWistartups -- rooting for them to solve their issues…
Small set back, huge vision! “@elonmusk: 3 engine F9R Dev1 vehicle auto-terminated during test flight. No injuries.. Rockets are tricky …
ICYMI: Startup Basics! @Jason & @wilsonsonsini special guests answer: should I incorporate as an LLC, S- or C-corp?
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Having the hardest time finding housing in San Francisco. This place is a complete and utter housing disaster. That being said, I have ideas