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Now we know why you're tweeting! “@pmarca: Authenticity as rising business imperative-in networked world, we can... sniff out cynicism
I think we can now say tech is overexposed “Startup Guy" at @BananaRepublic now… by @ferenstein
Good call, nothing important going on. “@BuzzFeedAndrew: Obama golfed today.”
Insane folks are trying “@planefinder: One safe route through Ukraine??
I hear some @Android wear watches are running @inside alerts -- anyone out there got one? Share photos?!? What #AndroidWear watch is best?
Obama having impossible time with Russia & Israel now because we lost high-ground due to NSA, drones & Iraq war. Why listen to us?
Netanyahu responds w/chart “@nytimes:Obama 2 Netanyahu: Serious Concern’ Abt gaza Casualties
Shocking, really. “@paulg: new study shows many people would rather get an electric shock than just sit and think:
For those folks wondering about the Oxford comma... Let me explain the four choices you have. Hattip @wilw
At some point today I will get out if the hot tub.
Phone calls used to be a thing “@hunterwalk: Ringtones. Used to be a thing.…
when @ycombinator started VCs didn't believe in them or thought they we're competition; @sequoia wrote a big check…
Omg my @Sonos and @SoundCloud are getting it on! Life is grand! Cc @fredwilson
Yes. “@RYOTnews: Could self-driving cars become futuristic murder weapons?
His videos are going viral... And the reply videos are insane. literally will be on tonight show next week
Vine is insane... #jameswhite is going to be a megastar -- vine://user/1049940129805946880
Pouring rain in Umbria
Breaking news: “@MTV: Selena Gomez clarifies stance on Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a second Instagram post:
Apple is in talks w/ former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about a PR job.
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it's not politically correct, but how dare these evil bastards kill so many civilians in a war driven by extremists
VIDEO: "How to demo your product "