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Jasmin Karma
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Happy Giving Thanks ❤️❤️❤️
Buzz buzz. Please sign this to ban these chemicals that are killing our bees. We need bees for our food #SaveTheBees
Loving you ❤️💛💚 In my
URGENT: Destructive super trawlers could be back in our waters from November >> Take action now! #nosupertrawlers
Celebrate Your Unique Amazingness @chimehaircrush fb
Tell the CEOs of ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac to protect the Reef today! Take action >> #savethereef
Adopt a Siberian Tiger here make a donation spread the word. Everyone can do something to help save this species !…
For $5 we can save 1 Sumatran tiger for 1day from poaching. Please buy some of these cool wrist bands save the tiger…
Siberian (Amur)Tiger population falls to 14 in the wild.What can we do to help save the tiger.…
Sign here to ask Obama to Really Save the Bees! 🐝” Get buzzy!!!!
"my friends are my family and my family are my friends" JK "mis amigos son mi familia y mi familia son mis amigos" JK
I just helped Cascadian Farm donate to support wildflower planting. You can help too. #beefriendlier #savethebees
"Light is the new black" JK
Maximum Love. Just won the 2014 Soil Association #OrganicAwards for best Organic non-alcoholic Beverage. #LionOrder
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Blessings & Love to Dr. Masaru Emoto. Thankyou for showing us how the power of love can change water and our life.
Calm Ease Cruise Flow
5 reasons to visit the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica… WALABA!!! Full corazón !!
@jasminkarma @Greenpeace nestle are still have repugnant business practices and don't deserve praise @babymilkaction
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Unilever, Nestle, L’Oreal, Proctor & Gamble and now LEGO have all changed their ways because of public pressure from all of us. @Greenpeace
our voices are heard in the boardrooms of the biggest corporations. @Greenpeace
Watch the video Lego Shell oil in the arctic.Well done Lego. For pulling out of the @LEGO_Group @Shell
Watch the video here @LEGO_Group Lego arctic polar bears and figures being covered in oil by @Shell drilling. Huge consequences for greed.
GOOD NEWS: Something awesome happened: LEGO has announced it will not renew its financial contract with Shell drilling oil in the arctic.
Woah! No wearing of saggy pants apparel in Opa~Locka.... That's Opa~Loco !!
What an amazing eclipse watched it reflect off the water 🌒🌊🌠
rare cosmic sight Oct 8th.a window of 2~9min observers have a chance to see both total eclipse of moon and the rising sun, simultaneously.
Put the final touches~5 new songs a mix of Motown,Rocksteady,Roots.Gave it in,now to put my next new songs in a demo!
" sensing the finishing touches " Jasmin Karma ~ Love Queen
Your not rich until you have something that money can't buy art by @TJHoban
I am Divine Love ❤️
de·light diˈlīt/ noun. great pleasure. happiness, joy, glee, gladness; excitement, amusement; bliss, rapture, elation, euphoria
Get tickets @stephenmarley and @ThieveryCorpDC LIVE this Sat 27th Sep, at the Greek Theatre, LA ~ California…
"Let go of the need to be loved and accept that love is all around you" @PerBristow @LouiseHay
Jasmin Karma ~ Feel the Love TV ~ look at the new animated video by Disney's master animator~ so gorgeous…
monarch butterfly populations rebounding~ Mexico in swarms~enormous butterfly-like shape radar images.@DavidSuzukiFDN