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JenesisJ Accessories
Do you like #accessories??? Go like my page on fb and click on the store tab…
Definitely me...I can't help it though lls
Exactly. Please appreciate it.
#Sagittarius get so bummed when they realize not everyone has an open, loving heart.
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Our schedules are so hectic that we hard get to talk with one another
I respect his dedication and hard work 1000%. I wouldn't accept anything less than what he puts forth now, but I MISS the shit outta my baby
right...#HeyBoo #YouBetterWork
#Unity #interdependence #community #loveOneAnother
Bloated as she wants to be but she's still extremely happy. She amazes me. #MyYannah
My rendition of the hoodbooger basic kissy face video. #ImBored #DontJudgeMe
Oh the the right two lives...stay away
Fish and cheddar bay biscuits. I woke up hungry as heck. #SomethingSlight
Seriously, it takes a miserable woman to ALWAYS be mad
Be happy with the life you have because it could be alot worse...
Switched it up on y'all just a little bit
#TeamWork #unison #AreYouReady
I think this body of mine is finally agree to slim down. I mean #PhatGirlsStillRock but I need to get my fat ass into a bathing suit this year
"@high_on_glitter: Sometimes all a person needs to succeed is just a little support."
I'm not a needy female...I can deal with a busy schedule because I'm busy too...but don't bs me while we're apart.
Everyone wants loyalty...but no one wants to be loyal...
Consistency is key. No one can enjoy an inconsistent individual...
Lie to me once, and I'll doubt everything you've said in the past and everything you'll say in the future...
"@_ChekMeOuT: I'm at a point in my life where basic crushes ain't goin cut it. I wanna be with someone I know I can build with. 👪💵🏡💍💖😍💯"
Just got off and working on hustle numero 2
My alter ego. #Nubia #WonderWomansBlackSister
Fell asleep eating a cookie. #ShesStillBloated #MyYannah #knockedout
Ms. Yannah feels better....and yes there are scribbles on my wall. Bite me LOL
Pretty much. I'm pretty nerd to waste money, we can cool it at the house. Lets be ditzy and silly...and laugh until we cry...
It's all or nothing...there is no half way...
James is about to make me act up!
"@Sagittarius_ht: As a #Sagittarius you are blunt one moment,and then super charming the next."
If you find yourself twatching someone heavy ..quit kiddin yourself #YouCare
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#MCM of course I had to pick him. I don't know many men who could take almost a week out of their life and do what he's done for me and my baby girl. He doesn't even realize how much his time, help, and compassion meant to us. I wish he could see himself through my eyes so he could see how wonderful
As long as you don't give up on me, I won't give up on you...