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JenesisJ Accessories
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#12Til smallest fan. Whenever she's sick or fussy this is a sure way to get princess Yannah to sleep.
Let's take our time, and patiently watch like progress to love as we differentiate between the negative power of lust and the beautiful passion of a love built in slow motion...I just want to get this right, because I've got it wrong so many times before...I wanna take my time to know the you, the o
People don't realize the difference between just sex, and pure intimacy. The feel of his body, the taste of his lips, the warmth of his skin, and the sound of his heart beating melodically as you share you deepest fears, passions, concerns, and emotions...all while connecting...that is true intimacy
Nothing wrong with a few extra curves... They may just make you fall in love ❤❤❤
Many of you know I have children with exceptional medical needs. I asked my four year old what she wanted for Christmas and surprisingly she said she wanted to give instead of receive. She wants to donate to the Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem where her baby sister has stayed quite a few time
The two halves of my heart ❤❤❤ #Sisterhood #MySistersKeeper
Go follow @thefacesoflupus it's a new page spreading awareness about this horrible disease. Lupus doesn't have a look. Lupus doesn't have a textbook display. It's time to educate and advocate #TheFacesOfLupus #LupusWarriors #Lupus #ThisIsWhatLupusLooksLike #LupusLooksLikeThis #Warriors #Fighters #L
Hola my babies. I'm still stuck in bed pero I'm feeling better than I did. Thank you for all of the kind messages and for checking in on me. I LOVE Y'ALL❤❤❤❤ hopefully I can go to work tomorrow =) #TheFacesOfLupus #ThisIsWhatLupusLooksLike #LupusWarriors #LHandSign #UglyDay Ooh and for the #Lupus s
Pretty accurate description ❤ #ThatsWhyYourExsDontLikeMe
Well, I'm back at the hospital. Looking a mess. Rushed from work and lord knows I have a phobia of ambulances but I didn't even pass out lol. . I think I scared my coworkers =( I'm sorry y'all. My chest hurts again 😢 small thing to a giant though. Lupus can't win!! I'm good #LupusWarriors #LupusSi
I share the good, the bad, and the ugly (and lord knows I am that right now lol). My hands are ugly and swollen too but oh well. The #Lupus monster strikes again👿👎👎. Thought I just had a cold but they beg to differ. Blah...I'm still going to work once I get out of here😊. #LupusWarriors #LupusSi
Blood pressure check. #NeonatalHypertension 94/70 WE'LL TAKE IT. #AWSOME
Just me ❤❤❤❤❤ #RedLips #RandomSelfie #Muah
So true, no sexism intended, but know your place. There is a fine line between being a strong woman and an obnoxious bitch. If a man can prove that he's man enough to take the lead, allow him too...
Morning Lupus regimen minus two refills I forgot...y'all just don't get it. But I'd rather struggle getting these down than miss seeing my kids grow up and leave my ❤before my time. I got too much shit to accomplish to not be here lol #LupusSisters #LupusWarriors #SLE #iHaveLupusBUTlupusDoesntHaveMe
Like... Is your name Raymond, Ryan or Wendy? Oh...Ok then... #Chilllll they got this.
Good morning. School time 😄😄😄
Miss Jenii 💛💚💙❤❤💜❤
Cousins on their first day of school
Jenii Mini's first day of school ❤❤❤❤
I hardly hardly upload full body photos but's me ❤❤❤ In order to be truly happy a person has to first love them, all of them. Every flaw, every curve, every inch... #WhiteAFTERLaborday #BraShowinOhWell #ItsMeeeeee
My Princess little diva in the making #LordHelpMe
Do you like #accessories??? Go like my page on fb and click on the store tab…
Definitely me...I can't help it though lls
Exactly. Please appreciate it.
#Sagittarius get so bummed when they realize not everyone has an open, loving heart.
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Our schedules are so hectic that we hard get to talk with one another
I respect his dedication and hard work 1000%. I wouldn't accept anything less than what he puts forth now, but I MISS the shit outta my baby
right...#HeyBoo #YouBetterWork
#Unity #interdependence #community #loveOneAnother
Bloated as she wants to be but she's still extremely happy. She amazes me. #MyYannah
My rendition of the hoodbooger basic kissy face video. #ImBored #DontJudgeMe