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JenesisJ Accessories
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Definitely me...I can't help it though lls
#Sagittarius get so bummed when they realize not everyone has an open, loving heart.
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Our schedules are so hectic that we hard get to talk with one another
I respect his dedication and hard work 1000%. I wouldn't accept anything less than what he puts forth now, but I MISS the shit outta my baby
#Unity #interdependence #community #loveOneAnother
Bloated as she wants to be but she's still extremely happy. She amazes me. #MyYannah
My rendition of the hoodbooger basic kissy face video. #ImBored #DontJudgeMe
Oh the the right two lives...stay away
Fish and cheddar bay biscuits. I woke up hungry as heck. #SomethingSlight
Seriously, it takes a miserable woman to ALWAYS be mad
Be happy with the life you have because it could be alot worse...