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Jarod Valenti
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I feel like all I do is work
Every day this physique competition feels more and more within my reach
Not sure if I want to compete in the lightweight bodybuilding or physique category in August
Time for work and then legs at the gym at 8!
Can't believe we came back and won that... on that note, good night.
Craziest League of Legends match I have ever played.
League of Legends - The game where if your team dies too much in the beginning like a bunch of trolls and feeds the enemy team.
I've already had enough of the League of Legends community... ill see ya.
Proud to announce that I will be competing in one of these events this year!! #bodybuilding #gym #lifting #fitfam
Don't just talk about it. Be about it.
So the question is.. which MOBA do I stick with? #leagueoflegends , #Dota2 , or #HeroesOfTheStorm ? @RetweetedGamers
Sometimes it's hard not to hate, but imma show dis mufucka
If you aren't putting the work in, somebody else is.
You can get anything or anywhere you want in life. It just depends how much you want it.
Gta 5 takes hella long to install bruh
How you think you sound vs how you REALLY sound
Retweeted by Jarod Valenti
Are we living or are we just merely existing?
The only problem with bodybuilding Is that you have to buy new clothes so damn often
Shits getting real. Was recommended by someone at the gym to compete in bodybuilding and he'll help with info on everything. #gym #lifting
Might actually go back to my gaming channel ... any thoughts? What do you guys wanna see? @RetweetedGamers @YT_Retweets @YTRetweets
They should make bags of fortune cookie bits because one isn't enough #ChineseFoodisLife
Today was an interesting day to say the least 😋
Gym tonight around 8:30 is gonna be nice
George W. Bush Arrested for Cocaine Possession
Have finished the first 20 seconds of my song (up to first drop)
11 seconds into my first song and its sounding nice! #music #FLStudio #melodic
Had 3 people come up to me in the gym today .. next year is a rap.
Getting random compliments from people at the gym I don't even know just gives me even more motivation to keep pushing forward
Hot af in the gym now
That moment you walk into what's supposed to be a 60 person class and its empty
I would order clothes online, but im not trying to order the wrong size and have to send it back in and everything...
Everything you do either brings you one step closer or one step further.
Definitely going for 100 pound dumbbell bench before the end of this month!
Tired of seeing these steroid dudes in the gym
No doubt in my mind I'm competing in welterweight or lightweight bodybuilding next year.
Just got 10 reps with 95 pound dumbbells on my fourth set of dumbbell bench press .. these gains never stop.. my mind is blown
(…) haven't been able to record lately due to no camera man, but im trying to figure this out.@YT_Retweets @YTRetweets
Just went up to 90 pounds on dumbbell bench press .. never been this hype man
Is this burning smell in mount laurel from that fire in shamong?

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