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Jarod Valenti
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Please go check my new video and don't forget to comment, like, and subscribe!!
People post shit in social media about how they wish they were in a relationship and stuff to get attention.
Just uploaded another daily video !! Go check it out at !!! Don't forget to comment, like, and subscribe!!
Rendering another video !
I can't believe how many people don't know what water ice is..
When you see your rival school's mascot in the streets
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Catching up on Twitter after not being on for a while be like....
Technically it will be tomorrow when it actually gets up to my channel, but it is counting for Friday the 24th. ill have another up later
My video for today is currently being uploaded! Sorry for such a late upload, but still managed to stick to the daily upload schedule!
Rendering another video to keep the daily uploads going!
Forgot to upload my video this morning so it will be up tonight
Using the bench to put your free weights down on? I feel bad
I hate when people at the gym are talking around a piece of equipment but don't wanna fuckin use it
The internet is a crazy thing ...
I got it wrong, but it was worth a shot...
Aaayyyeeee uploading another video to my channel to start the daily YouTube grind so go check it out later at !!!
Dentists trying to talk to you when they have all this shit in your mouth tho
Rendering another video for my channel today while at the dentist!
The internet is a place for free knowledge. And knowledge ..... Is power.
Damn just ate some chicken, vegetables, potatoes, and a banana for post workout 👍
I can't believe how shitty some college professors are. You're not even gonna teach and expect us to get a good grade on the test???
I don't understand why its so hard to find a laptop that is somewhat powerful, not too expensive, and still has a dvd drive
Where there's a will, there's a way
Idk what laptop I should get next month ... What mufucka is good with laptops ??
Mufuckas so thirsty you woulda thought they were dehydrated
You talk shit on me and then follow me on instagram ? XD #jealousy
You know a song is good when I listen to it all the way through
I like seeing natural mufuckas in the gym and not those steroid assholes
Finally found my keys after losing them for about 3-4 days
Break room at work always so live though
You're sitting there talking shit but you look like a combination of Scooby Doo, Chief Keef, and Waka Flocka
Talking shit about me but you have no room to talk xDD
It's kinda funny when kids dispute when we have proof of both matches
Bitches be putting on so much makeup that I'm just waiting for it to drip or melt off when the sun comes out.
I've never seen Cherokee clear out so fast
Maybe I'll do vlogging on my channel again...
That awkward moment you didn't know class was canceled until you actually get there....