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Jarod Valenti
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Some kids on Call of Duty really need to write their sentences down before trying to say them cause they stumble on their words super hard
When someone on Call of Duty rages I can't help but laugh cause they act like its life or death
Might start playing Gears of War 3 again
About to play COD just to quick scope and lay down around corners waiting for knife kills to piss people off
Dinner! Peach tea with coconut and pineapple grilled shrimp with rice! #food
Red Lobster with my mom thooooo
Me: "omg mom I've never seen that many people parked at Moorestown mall. Unless it's just all the people who work there..."
Just changed my name on Xbox live though
When you're home alone taking a shower and it sounds like someone else just came in <<<
Call of Duty is so bad that pros are now playing Minecraft when a majority of their life depends on if they win their matches or not
Realized how terrible COD really is
Call of duty gets worse and worse every year
Not gonna lie. I like android for the most part, but it has its times where it pisses me off
Just need my 50/4500 or 45/4500 tank now
FaZe Rain comments on a YouTube video and the COD fanboys come in
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill
I hit the heart on Tinder so many times that it now says "There's no one new around you".
Wish I lived in the city instead of boring ass MTL
When people talk on their phone with speakerphone in public <<<
Aye halfway through my shift pretty much
Sometimes I'll let ignorance slide cause everybody has bad days, but if I don't then good luck earning my respect back
I hate when people stand behind me while I stock shelves ... Like bitch you can't see through me so just ask me to move lol
They really didn't have adult hip hop though ... Time to check Marcia Hyland tomorrow
If anybody knows places that are hiring, please let me know
Need to look for a new job
I wish I could see the future
Giants please win (baseball)
Still getting follows from gaining stuff but I'll never do competetive again so idk why
Time for the gym and then gonna check out two dance studios for hip hop to see which is better
About to get into hip hop dance classes
I hate when food is good for the first couple bites and then gets gross after a while
That moment when someone on Xbox invites you to play cod and 4v4 with them and u don't even know who the hell they are
Can't wait to get my check from work
Tearing it up on shadowrun though .. the fury is real
I'll never understand why people still have relationships with their ex
I'm gonna make a show called Storm Stoppers
I want it to be Friday so I can get my check
Chief Keef is AWEFUL
They say money doesn't buy happiness but everyone knows damn well it does
How to get somewhere on 295 = go 85mph+
Ayyye already home from work
So glad I get off of work at 12 today
I actually love sleeping with thunder and lightening
This heat and hunger is pissing me the fuck off ... Can't wait to eat Damn