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Jarod Valenti
I've had enough snow for the next 5 years
She thinks she hot shit though.
Hopefully people in New Jersey got smarter with snow and stay their ass the hell home instead of come to shop at ShopRite.
No class for me today! Only good thing about having a 6:30am class.
Seriously can't wait for the Spring / Summer weather. The weather we've been having is dumb as hell.
Had an awesome time riding today. Did mostly trails.
It's too nice out to pass up a day like this
Trying to find people that wanna ride today
So glad I don't have work today
Bout to get dat oil changed
Bitches be like: "Omg I totally deserve a great guy. Is this cute stuff too much to ask for?" Bitches: *Don't give anyone a chance* #gtfo
I still remember that day that dude said "knowledge is power" and he was right
Pretty hype. Might get some BMXing in todayyyyyy
When your shoes keep digging in right above your heel <<<
Watermelon Sour Patch >>>>>
You call me "Hot" on the Hot or Not app and then don't message me back? DO YOU THINK THIS IS SOME SORT OF A JOKE ?! PSHH people these days.
Honestly can't wait to ride with the group when this weather gets better .. Never really hung out with them before, but it should be fun!
Girls get so upset when you don't wanna skype, oovoo, or FaceTime. I don't understand why.
Bout to smack Johnny in Basketball at the Y
This snow makes me wanna pet 1000 baby kittens cause there's nothing else to do when it comes. Fuck it.
Just because I don't text you back fast enough doesn't mean I forgot about you.
Haircut from Nick soon tho