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Jarod Valenti
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Randoms on ranked playlist on COD are soooo bad I don't even have words for them.
People are so fake now a days. Don't talk about it. Be about it.
Good thing I had another power brick.. my older one sounded like a lawnmower in my room.
You get out of life what you put into it. Success doesn't magically appear.
ayeee finished my homework.. debating if i wanna just chill or go to the gym rn
That moment you look at your homework and its easy af...
On that note ... Goodnight :)
Karma is a bitch.
I hope your ready for a console and account ban in a week xDD Cause it's coming. After all, you hacked my account and took COD: AW... (;
This kid is clueless XD u didn't drop us. We left that shit a while ago xD and oh yeah I got that follow up with microsoft in the next week
Well that wasn't easy.
LOL we got a win on UMG for disputing them saying they were supposed to be in UK ladder and not ours xD
I love it when I'm supposed to get a package today, but it decides its gonna come tomorrow instead... probably late af too
Starting a History project that is due tomorrow ... #ProcrastinationGameStrong
Getting up by 7:30 so here's how I set my alarms .
Xbox 360 AW teamscrim needed. Message Puhhtential or lkevi if interested!
Can't play ranked play with randoms anymore. It's a fuckin joke.
Can't wait till I get AW for the One AND my scuf. This is gonna be some serious shit and not gonna see anything but W across the board.
I hate the anticipation of things coming in the mail.
I feel like that kid is really good at getting in the friend zone
Some people seriously need to mind their own business. They like to get into other peoples' more than their own. #gtfo
Gonna try to get a UMG Singles ladder stream up today!
I think people need to stop taking things for granted and appreciate the smaller things in life because not everyone is fortunate enough.
That moment you think your shit might arrive today, but track it to find out it doesn't. #KillingMyVibe
Ayyee we are nice at dubs today
About to hit up UMG dubs
Setting up a stream is so annoying .. hungry af
They make all this money, but can't even have decent servers. Gtfo.
Every time i start up COD, i get disconnected from xbox live. Omfg.
Recording a video later for tomorrow! Haven't had this game on my channel yet but I'm hype to finally get a chance to play it!
About to stream ranked play with randoms, so come check it out at !!!
Literally the best website to use for studying if you need to memorize shit for a test.
Making shit to study from. Will release a good study website today.
That feeling you get when you just know something is gonna be awesome. >>>
Trying to improve my K/D. What should I cut off first? RT for sleeves FAV for thumb
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Does @FaZe_Censor think hes on the beach with that sleeveless shirt at an event? #MLGColumbus #mlg #MLGCbus #Columbus
It's always something
I hope you don't like playing Xbox anymore
Oh boy you really really fucked up bro
I feel like @OpTicGaming purposely goes to losers bracket to face the other teams that lost so they can have a better chance.