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Jarek Taylor
just had quite the entertaining 45 minute phone call with @Jarek_Taylor
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"Things that come easy and fast will leave you just as fast."
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The Confederate Flag hangs over South Carolina though... But let me stop who am I to say anything
Crazy how half the roads in SC are named after Confederate Generals who wanted to stop African Americans from driving on them ..
Can't wear hoodies Can't play with toy guns Can't go to swimming pools Can't listen to music Can't worship in church #CharlestonShooting
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A Golden State championship with a touch of Carolina Blue...
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Hold up... But in high school you averages 1.4 points in 15 games. And played JV as a Senior 💀�…fp
The refs might as well be wearing Warriors jerseys.
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You are what you do, not what you say you'll do
That was not about my boy @J_Edddy 😊
Im not tryna pressure you, just cant stop thinkin bout youuuuu.
Dawg chill out they offered you a 5% scholarship 😑
Dang I didn't know there were so many Golden State Fans 😱 ... 💀
LeBron James has been responsible for 15 of the Cavs' 17 points (9 assisted & 6 scored). #NBAFinals
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When a 4.0 non -athletic student brings a university millions of dollars then I'll say they deserve a full ride.
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I'm not gonna try and read anybody's mind if something is wrong just say it.
Your excuses will get you 0% closer to your goals..
If yall didn't know, yall know now @Jarek_Taylor can sing...😁😁😂
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You struck out and I ain't even throw a pitch
Successful people do daily what others do occasionally
this is just disgusting. no one should touch a woman like that #McKinney
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It's alright you're a D1 kicker not a D1 QB…
@Jarek_Taylor @wyatt33walker still really happy about you guys being so nice & awesome ahaha :-)
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Don't be a prisoner of your mind. You can achieve anything in life #KeepGod1st
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you take relationship advice from a fake drake account and wonder why you're still single…😑
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The UAB Family is deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of former football student-athlete Greg Maclin.
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Why accept failure when success is free
You can have that fam
S/o @Jarek_Taylor for being the playmaker on defense. I remember in the biggest moments you would always give it your best man💯🏈
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Proud to be ranked #2 on the list of Best Christian Colleges and Universities! #Samford
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I'm sorry you can't sleep at night because Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner! Smh..
Ignorance & Stupidity show pretty quick...People are getting mad at this "Caitlyn Jenner" thing as if it had any effect on their life. 😂
That freshman 15 be hitting some party girls harddddd
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