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Jared Cesare
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Black Friday got the best of me...
Black Friday the best shopping.
Happy Thanksgiving you filthy gizzards 🐔
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love everything today, yes even work.
@jaredcesare is beautiful. so happy to be his security guard.
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thats a nice song you've got there... it would be a shame if someone...added pitbull to it
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Everyone tell me @JonLeite doesn't look like me in his default picture. Just tell me.
My gym stench could clear a small African village.
Romo called "hike"...I made a 5 course meal, came back, he was still in the pocket with time to spare.
Catch. Of. The Year. Relive Odell Beckham's mind boggling one-handed TD grab.
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@big_jay_est88 giving those holiday cuts......alone......
I hope Jerry Jones has a heart attack on the plane ride home
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The Giants have to be embarrassed. I've never seen such a weak pass rush. Hurts to watch.
Beckham Jr. Holy shit.
You know the drill. Let's go @nygiants (and @nyrangers)!!! #SundayNightSelfie
Someone left me a note on my windshield with lipstick kisses and the car wash obliterated it. I'll never know.
You won't take away, what I have made for myself || The Plot In You - Troll
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TWO DAYS OFF!!!... and I have NO idea what to do with myself!!!
The moment when you hit the spacebar to wake your computer up at 1 am & pure death metal erupts from your speakers when you unpause the song
Don't. Let. The. World. Rot.
Throwback Thursday. Some things just don't change. #tbt
That awkward moment when two mini coopers park on either side of you...and neither is @andrewpopolizio
Gym music......yep. #metal
I really wanna go to the gym...but I really wanna keep my balls from shriveling to the size of a cashew...#decisionsdecisions
The new @davidguetta album...well done.
Everyone needs to go on YouTube and search "Flogsta Scream." Epic...epic.
Daily reading...thanks to whoever left this on my desk.
"Im eating junk and watching rubbish!"
#SundayNightSelfie #SleepOnSleep
Just left the house at 1am to go buy a half gallon of orange juice because I am in love with every ounce of it.
It's gotten to the point that when the Rangers go into a shootout...I plan on a loss hoping that I'm pleasantly surprised.
It's been a long week...a long...long week.
Punk Goes Pop finally leaked...hmm...
@jaredcesare That movie was awesome. Super nerve racking though haha
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Non Stop was a badass movie. Badass. Liam Neeson is a badass.
Much needed. #beer #whatislove #babydonthurtme
Let's be one cares about a nice selfie on's the quotes that really makes us rumble.