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I'm bored, let's chat in the comments or DM me?
copped a sick leather jacket from @BodaSkins 😎
completely in love with my leather jacket from @bodaskins πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
hey guys! it feels like it's been ages since we spoke so let's chat in the comments! replying to as many as I can thanks @hotmessclothing for hooking me up with the best clothes πŸ™πŸ‘ check them out
copped some new sneaks didn't i πŸ’―
article about me on hard magazine. read here:…
I just checked out a guy for like 5 minutes before I realised it was a girl omg πŸ˜…
wearing all black and a leather jacket when it's sunny was a bad move. least I look swaggy tho 😎
all I need is good friends, good food and good wifi
when someone tries to get their tattoo in every single photo lol
love these cute lil shorts I got from @pxclothing 🌴🌴🌴
We think too much, and feel too little.
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one thing i like about visiting home... u can order cheesecake and sundaes to ur door
ur GPRS and I'm 4G
this scene had me fucked up 😩�
πŸ’₯ new drunk challenge. watch…d πŸ’₯
fav if you want me to upload a drunk challenge right now 🍭
i haven't had a cigarette in like 4 days
i swear summer lasted like 2 mins
*scrolls through my own tumblr for 2 hours* wow cool blog!!
hey can u be my boyfriend? it’s for my aesthetic!!
*tries to act cool by not texting back right away but forgets and never texts back*
Can you believe @JamieRyanDee is following me? A couple of years ago in the tumblr days I used to have sex dreams about him πŸ‘« ily Jamie ✨
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we're just little humans that like to talk about memories and cuddle and stuff
Shit I got summet on my lip so I licked n swallowed it n then the optician was like 'where did u put that lense'
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'life's too short for shitty sex and bad relationships'
rainbow cookies 🌈
we all have those plug sockets that are like impossible to reach
here's my new playlist 'crush' it's all the songs i'm listening to most right now !! β™« CRUSH Jamie Ryan Dee
I wanna run away from everything with someone and see the world
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ur all my little bruhs
i always get jealous of my friends that can just fall asleep hella fast
I lost my expanders at a house party so my ear looks fucked up lol 🌚...
i made the first step to recovery... it had to be done
i can't wait until it's sweater weather again
my nana just asked me to print out a photo of me so she can put it in a frame and i said "get a selfie off my instagram"
i think this one is the best video on my channel bc i'm hella drunk and i don't remember making it πŸ˜…οΏ½…iv
.@HopesForBieber_ january 21st ♒️
do you realise that in 5 months i'm not going to be a teenager any more?? i'm going back to the womb
when i sit there for 2 hours with earphones in and no music playing....
gonna dm some more people cause u guys are cute