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sir bongsalot
have you watched my new vid yet?
need someone for those weird ass midnight chats
don't feel like I belong anywhere
I love straight people πŸ˜…
when people say 'I love gays' like we're all the same kind of person lol
I'm just a human being trying to make it in a world that is rapidly losing its understanding of being human
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JUST FINISHED SHOOTING, unreal day, who's excited to see the video!?😝
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I faked being asleep while my friends were having sex right next to me #FAKINGITSTORY @JamieRyanDee
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new video uploaded to my youtube channel! or click the link in my bio πŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’•
s club 7 were my whole life
the whole concept of dreams is just weird as fuck
#Aquarius’s feelings can change in a heartbeat.
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really cute illustration of me by @artbyskings πŸ‘Ό
i was just sick in my own hands and my first thought was lets do another shot
when someone is like 'throwback thursday' and it's like bitch you took that photo 2 weeks ago?
my last tweet wasn't even sexual I really do have a banana in my pocket
I have a banana in my pocket
I'm bored of life I just wanna travel
make sure you're subscribed to me on YouTube 😊 uploading a new videos soon
do I ever get out of bed is the question
thank god the news just let me know that selena gomez got a fringe, such a relevant update on the world
a lot of people say they're there for you but in reality they won't do shit
I made a depop! go find me @jamieryandee😊😊
why does auto correct ruin my life
sick phone case fro@ @kultclothing 😍
i'm good with my iphone 5s tbh
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me: *thinks of a valid point for an argument I had 3 days ago*
lolly had a scorpion in it πŸ’€πŸ‘…
rooftop settings pt 2 🌞
when you don't wanna invite one of ur friends to something
bout that apple life
like some of my recent pics and if I see you in my notifications I'll like some of urs 😏😏