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alphabet soup more like times new ramen am i right
I always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies
People asking me what kind of music I like is such a stressful experience
I'm like the dopest dope you've ever smoked
You kept growing snake eyes
Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
The Cravendale biscuit boy advert is the stuff of nightmares.
Why is Morgan Freeman Black in every movie?
G.C.S.E's I've lied on my c.v for the last 5 years not one fucker has checked them, B in maths yeah right, I can't even count to B
who keeps making Step Up movies and why?
*skips tutorial* how the fuck do you play this game
I wish I could illegally download clothes
My self esteem is going down im yelling timber
How to get girls to like you: 1.compliment their eyebrows them out
Is everything expensive or am I just poor
My laptop loves me because when I let it sit on my lap, it tends to burn me. Like I can literally feel the passion
I think my parents consider me to be a god. Because they always ask me ridiculous questions that I don’t have the answer to.
I barely find anybody attractive. I barely feel an affection for anybody.. But when I do.. I fall in so deep, so hard it’s ridiculous.
Does anyone else download music then look forward to listening to it on the bus the next day?
On a scale of cuddles to rough sex i need everything on the fucking scale
If you dont eat the pizza crust you are weak and natural selection is coming for you
I’m craving netflix/cuddle time that transforms into really rough sex.
I want you kinda drunk, sorta high and completely on top of me with your tongue in my mouth
If I ever make an EP it will be release on cassette and VHS only
Literally just callapsed when I got home. Must eat
Snapchat me at jamiehardaker1
Well, I have not missed building up flash templates one bit, all that actionscripting!
Fresh music to blog about tonight then onto building a swanky quiz template for quiz night at @DaleswayIlkley on Wednesday night.
Witnessed a swarm of bees today. Weekend excitment right there.
The morning after brandy. Rough.
Pegboard Nerds are all I need right now