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Jamie Timbre
Wishing one of my favorite twitteroos and an inspirational woman I consider an amazing friend, Lynda Erkiletian,...
Homemade shepherd's pie... so on point. ✓
What is your favorite feature of @Windows 10? Would love to hear your feedback / any questions! Will do my best to answer all tweets. #Win10
L'Shana Tova to all my fellow Jews. May your year be prosperous and sensational in every way.
You know whose going to give you everything you need? You are.
When you play with fire, you get burned.
The primary cause of unhappiness is never the actual situation but rather your seemingly perpetual thoughts about...
I needed my dose of Heather Dubrow this morning. Too funny.
Sometimes you walk... Sometimes you run... And once, in a great while, you fly. – ˩M꜒ ✗
So on point.... Love me a cold Jones Soda!!!!
So very happy. Had the best night I've had in a while. — feeling surprised
Gray clouds + blue eyes Forget all the what's + the when's But never the who's or the why's
Please don't make the mistake of thinking you're "one step ahead of me." Ever. 󾮟 Thanks!
I apologize in advance got for not apologizing for believing that every crime has a punishment. 󾌳󾍛󾮟
Weekend adventures with the bestie.
Let's not forget...........
Hangin with beach Barbie. 😎☀️ — feeling breezy
To see a world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And...
If you're disloyal and you're my friend, then please be aware we are NOT friends. Just to be clear. #Loyalty
Subliminally applies to many of the facets of life... #WednesdayWisdom
Progress always involves risks. Ya can't steal second base and keep your foot on first. #truth
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Got the morning walk in, back is feeling a little better. 😎#SunnySideUpp ☀️󾍛 Let the healing continue!
I may fall, I may sin, but I always get right back up again. #WiseWords
The hardest part of back surgery is the recovery. The pain medication and physical therapy are great for healing,...
They weren’t kidding when they said back surgery was no joke. Fortunately recovery is going well, + many thnx for all the “get well” tweets!
#TrueWords – Strive for improvement every day.
Anyone else have experience w/ back surgery or #discectomy? Healing tips appreciated!
Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone! The pain from the surgery isn’t gone but is absolutely tolerable w/ meds + I’m feeling better.
󾍛󾍘󾭩HUGE THANKS󾭩󾍘󾍛 I can't even begin to thank everyone for all the messages, texts, and phone calls to check
Heading to Beaumont at 5:30am for back surgery tomorrow... Sayin a prayer + hittin the hay! Wish me luck. Can't...
#Onward and #Upward! It feels great to say there are no more bad days. ✗
#Accountability turns #pain into #peace... No wonder I'm so happy these days. ☮
Don't bother telling me you're my friend– just act like one. ✗
T-minus five days till back surgery!! Frankly couldn't come soon enough. Till then, soaking up the sun. ☀️
People change on a dime, so I'm careful whose worth my time. #SueMe
Food for thought, dished up + garnished by yours truly.
The time has come! @Windows 10 is finally here + publicly available. #Win7 + #Win8 users, visit your update center to upgrade today! ★★★★ ½
The struggle is real folks..... 󾌴�

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