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Jamie Timbre
I posted a new photo to Facebook
You've gotta do everything you can to fit in or decide not to care. And deciding not to care is soooo much more fun. ✗
Good things come to those who are go-getters. Bad things come to those who are get-goers. #justathought
You've gotta do everything you can to fit in, or choose to stop caring that you don't. ✗
Omg too funny... Best part has to be Bethenny's impression of Dorinda when she drinks though. Lmao #RHNYC
I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day. ☁️☀️
It's okay that we aren't perfect. Self-improvement is the best way to feel better about yourself. #dontbeashamed...
Lïfe is gööd.
What are all you twitteroos up to this weekend? 😎☀️
Finally taking a more proactive approach to this 2+ yr back problem… Scheduled to see 5 doctors in the next month. #WishMeLuck!
@JonVoy Oh no! Terrible circumstances but admittedly enjoyable comparisons. You have a way with you words… Just not your Windows! ;)
Sure is! #rockon RT @Windows @jtimbre Cortana is pretty awesome! Thanks for the support. :)
Happy #HumpDay, everyone! How’s your week been going???
You can't sleep with all the sound, you can't lose what's already found. ✗
Tell me, that you'll open your eyes......
@MicrosoftTweets follow for follow-back; well established Microsoft ITP
Get a chance to be featured in my upcoming Facebook design! Tweet me a statement that describes your experience w/ or perception of me. #GO!
Spotify got me feelin' like Christmas morning with these shuffle selections... #ThatsTheSpot #TimbreTracks
Piña colada, anyone?
Shout out to my fellow #insomniacs? These Z’s just ain’t comin’ my way… Ya dig?
@JonVoy @Windows I’ll tell you from experience, #Windows10 is @Microsoft’s finest yet. #Touch just makes it all the more fun! You’ll love it
Beauteous #Cortona! RT@Windows We’re definitely excited, Jamie! Which of the fantastic new features are you looking forward to using most?
󾭕 Arguing with a fool only proves there are two.
#NowPlaying "Drive By" by Train from California 37
@Anrkiss that’s fine! No U.S. restrictions!
With @Windows 10 around the corner (7/29), what are you looking forward to most? Have you reserved your free upgrade? Tell me! #Windows10
@murphyforsyth well just message my Apple ID or my 646 number? Aren’t you at heathers anymore?
In the words of my girl Heather Dubrow, if it sounds like I'm talking down to you, I probably am, cuz you're acting like a moron.
Alright... I'm gonna bring it to the table. Who could possibly NOT be excited for @Windows 10? #AdmitIt #UknowUwanna :-)
@Anrkiss My pleasure! Definitely consider it-- AI's have req's to meet when investing, so we are looking just as hard as you! ;)
@murphyforsyth Of course not... -__-... Hoping to have one by tomorrow afternoon though, thank the lord. #dying #dead #pinch #checkpulse
Please see latest FB page post for investment participation/interest: Thnx! RT @Anrkiss How do I reach out to you?
@murphyforsyth Prove it!!! Or no more ½ off DQ. 😉 Text me I wanted to know your plans for July 4th!?!?#zeroplanzz
@sarahleeyoga @Kayako You bet! I’m sure other jobs have related things but man oh man, “tickets” RE: work… We should be more creative! ;)
ALL-TIME favorite movies??? #FiveMax #NiceTry ;) ➟ ➀ The Guardian ➁ Water for Elephants ➂ Running w/ Scissors ➃ Everything Is Illuminated
@TEB2350 oh how I’ve missed you!!!
@BrandiGlanville Bitch you got more balls than a play-pen at McDonald’s. Love you to death!!! Ahhhh, would love to see U + Jenn soon! ♡
@Kimzolciak Kim ZB!!! Why haven’t I heard from you in ages!? ツ How are U?? Hope to hit ATL soon. Love + miss you!! ♡ PS omg kids are growin!
Pleasure! RT @cozmodiva Thanks @jtimbre @dorocren @maryjorapini for being top engaged in my community this week (via
If you work in IT, you have a love-hate w/ “ticket terms” like me. ;) RT @Kayako: It’s Time to Retire the “Ticket…” ➤
If you’re an IT company looking for startup finances, grants, + brilliant #AngelInvestors, get in touch! (Happy to write/sign pending verif)
💠 Publications + freebies + blogging, oh my! Catch my summer press release THIS monday! ツ#BackOnTheScenee →

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