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Jamie Timbre
My week on twitter: 1 Mentions, 5.34K Mention Reach. via
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My week on twitter: 5 Mentions, 26.2K Mention Reach, 1 Replies. via
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I've become convinced that there truly is no justice in this world. Thoughts?
Y'all are SO close to hitting 300 RTs on a #Surface post! (this doesn't count-- Nice try! ت) And I will be posting question 5 today!
@meijer Would love to know who to contact about a legal matter at one of your stores. My followers are fascinated.
Take my word for it if you didn’t already know, @meijer is pure poison. Staff treatment to a customer of YEARS= #Unacceptable
When will people realize "arguments" are made when someone escalates a discussion?
@MSFTDynamics Could have sworn I followed back before! Sorry about that! You got it! #MSFTfamily
How’s everyone spending their weekend? (And the first day of summer!)
#HINT: Bonus question #5 will be posted tomorrow, giving you an opportunity to earn an entry #surface giveaway entry! #JTweet2Win
You know the drill! Simply RT to enter to win 1 of 4 Microsoft @surface tablets! Bonus prizes if a tweet reaches 300 RTs, too! #JTweet2Win
✵ Heads up devs! @AngelHack is reimbursing all participants for their travel to the @comcast @nbc Universal Hackathon! DM for details.
Join me on Facebook for the latest on #Microsoft + tech, upcoming appearances, book release info + awesome giveaways!…
I want a 7-11 slurpee!
Soulmate: two little words, one big concept... A belief that someone, somewhere, is holding the key to your heart. — feeling in love
@msPartner @Microsoft @mpntraining I can attest to the value of this conference. Don’t think twice! Its an incredible opportunity to engage.