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Jamie Murray
tennissport 81,803 followers
Good luck Mum @judmoo Remember to enjoy it! Hope we can come and see you next week @bbcstrictly
Since 1990, @WhizzKidz has transformed the lives of over 18,000 disabled children. Such incredible work! #PPLCharityFacts
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Had to slide across to get some distance cuz he was almost sleeping on my shoulder :) #Metrofriends #Tokyo
Been getting to grips with the Tokyo metro this afternoon. Just about got it mastered. #symbols #culture #headandshoulders
Has scotlands most prolific player @akaBigZee ever presented @tennisscotland conference? mental strength and footwork/movement are his forte
@jamie_murray Would appreciate if you could RT this msg.We could win £3K in a community awrd if u RT #COMMFUND GNK
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Shame to see Tom Watson getting a bad time of it with the Ryder Cup fallout. What a legend of the sport but most importantly - a gentleman
Re earlier tweet - would rather europe win 14.5-13.5 than 18-10. Surely some drama would be good? Processions are dull. #competition
Has @McIlroyRory got an appointment he needs to keep? #smokeshow #express
Got a feeling #RyderCup2014 is gonna down to the wire and Dubuisson is gonna get Europe over the line in the final match. #epiphany
imagine if @Graeme_McDowell and @Vdubush could play all the ryder cup matches for @rydercupEUROPE #procession
Update For Peterhead Fans: 1 Goal Down, 3 Men Sent Off And Your Manager Has Been Arrested For Attacking The Referee
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Is this the moment Poulter steps up - knowing full well all eyes are on him as the last group standing?? #rydercup2014
Apparently in 2006 rules changed and now you can play a different ball each hole - so players are hitting their own ball for approach shots
In foursomes - do players change the ball each hole to suit whoever gonna play the approach shot? Or u have to play same ball for 18 holes?
Exhibition from @JustinRose99 this morning. -6 and counting! #rydercup2014
Whats the beanie count gonna be today at #RyderCup2014 ??
Woke up at 1215. Pretty sure there's an element of jet lag still in my system.
Interesting subplot to Mickelson/McIlroy encounter tomorrow after the 'litigate' business yesterday. "Litigate it on" anybody? #RyderCup
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Plus it's not like they're relaxing for 3 days before teeing it up! Loads of media + event stuff going on. Not to mention practice! #intense
They haven't won in Europe for 21yrs. Not gonna increase their chances with bad start Fri morning cuz the team is half asleep. #RyderCup
Surprises me USA team arrives Monday for early morn Friday start at #RyderCup. Jet lag is notoriously tough flying east.
@jamie_murray Mrs and I just bumped into Jamie in Kuala Lumpur at DoubleTree. Good to meet u Jamie, hope to see u play in Malaysian open.
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Oooooft! Seems like there's a bit of a game going on at The King Power Stadium. Not sure LVG will be too happy right now! #manutd #leicester
My double Hull defence for this week was looking like a masterstroke. #cisse #hull #newcastle
Great Britain will play USA at home in the Davis Cup World Group first round on 6-8 March 2015. #DavisCup
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Scotland is full of smart talented hard working humble people. Have faith in them to run our country successfully.
Love the Royals..but it's time for Scotland to stand on its own 2 feet and control their own destiny.
There are many less fortunate than us in this world that don't have that opportunity.
Whether you are voting or spoiling your ballot paper - I believe everybody should exercise their right to vote.
Zlatan did THIS for Ajax 10 years ago. He takes the Dutch club on tonight for PSG
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Best game of the day from my point of view. Mad reaction speed from @jamie_murray and Jonathan Marray @ATPWorldTour
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Great effort from Yes Campaign to get to this point considering 95% of media is against them. #indyref
Last week tonight with John Oliver talking Scottish Independence…
If Scotland vote No on Thursday will we be the first country to ever reject independence??
Fair to say the revolution has begun at #manutd
Who has a better left foot? Angel di maria or @Davemarray ??? #pace
Yes I reply. Do u ever get mistaken for @McIlroyRory No. Proceeds to stare me down then leaves with no further comment. #surreal
Couldn't make this up. Same guy train home! R u Rory mcilroy? No. R u Jamie Murray? Yes. Looks at me quizzically. R u sure ur Jamie Murray?
Guy walking thru train stopped and asked me in genuine disbelief/amazement if I was @McIlroyRory
Anya Marks...Set...Go-Alllll for scotland!
Only at a scottish airport would there be abnormal amounts of golf bags coming off the conveyor belt...where's mine?!
Who's watching @kevinbridges86 live at the referendum on BBC1?! Brilliantly funny!
62 for @RamsayGolf Treat yersel Big Yin!