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Police in #Ferguson - “You must leave the area immediately”…but there’s no curfew?? Ok. 😒
The curfew is only a “suggestion”, yet they’re trying to force peaceful protestors to disperse? They’re “encouraged” to go home before dark?
Being white or black shouldn’t have anything to do with it…it’s about what is RIGHT & what is WRONG. #HandsUpDontShoot #Ferguson #MikeBrown
Stand up for what’s right, even if that means you’re standing alone. ✊
Hands up in the air when shot? Laying on the ground when shot? Race shouldnt even be a question…this sh•t aint right!! #MikeBrown #EzellFord
You are likely to exhibit self-restraint today rather than sha... More for Capricorn
What’s the purpose of stealing tweets? 😒 Why advertise the fact that you can’t form your own, original thoughts?? 😯🙊#IJS #IJS 💁
I am who I am. Nothing more. Nothing less. I don’t strive to be better than YOU. I just strive to be MY best!! 💯
"@Jami_Rae: It’s not what you see, but how you look at it!! 🔭👀" 》》very true!
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Perception makes ALL the difference.
It’s not what you see, but how you look at it!! 🔭👀
Most of the time we miss the good things, because we are too focused on all the bad things.
Your own thoughts can take you places you were never meant to go.
I refuse to give up!! 💯✊
I don’t pretend to be perfect. I’m going through my own struggles. But I refuse to be defeated. I refuse to be weak. I refuse to be unhappy.
@Jami_Rae @derekrootboy Well said and your smile could make someone else feel better about themself *Hugs*
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It’s not what’s going on in your life that’s the problem, it’s how you look at the problem…THAT is the problem.
Look within yourself. 👀 Everything you seek, lies within. 💯
Everyone deserves true happiness, but not everyone is successful in finding it. 💯😔
Remember, we are ALL going through our own battle. Find a reason to smile today because you can…& because you deserve to. 😃😁😊☺️
Good morning, Twitter…⛅️