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You face a complex dilemma today, for your success might appea... More for Capricorn
Happy Birthday, Kendrys Morales!! 👏🏻#KCRoyalsa@Royalsals ⚾️💙
*currently binge watching #OITNB on Netflix* 😳🙈😂
Deciding whether or not to disclose your intentions to someone... More for Capricorn
You can tell that your energy is shifting along with the dynam... More for Capricorn
No problem at all. TY, too!! 😃…8
You're welcome...& likewise! 😘…H
Your schedule doesn't necessarily allow the time for an emotio... More for Capricorn
Do what's right, not what's easy.
It's hard to focus on the positive things when we live in such a negative world.
You are usually wise enough to be the self-restrained one in y... More for Capricorn
Chris Young is on fiyah!! 🔥🔥@Royalsa#KCRoyalsals
All those people who said they'd always be there. 👀 *looks around* 🙎🏼 Oh…✌🏻️😒
Another day…woke up blessed! 🙏🏻😌#ImGratefulful
A coworker might believe you are acting selfishly today, but y... More for Capricorn
That was beautiful, Escobar. 👏🏻😘⚾#KCRoyalsy@Royalsyals
I haven't done it in a while, but 'tubing' is so much fun!! 🌊🙌�@JaneParkJulepu#LiveWithJaneJ#JulepMavena#Julepu#UltimateUpgraderade
You might not be able to shut off your over-analytical thinkin... More for Capricorn
No matter how much you have accomplished so far in your life, ... More for Capricorn
I got it to work!! I love you. lol @MizzGenaMag
Still won't play, but at least I didn't enter my info. lol Does it work on mobile or do you usually use a computer? @MizzGenaMag
You have to pay for it?? @vanw22
But if it's free, why is it asking for my credit card info. just to sign up for a free account?? @MizzGenaMag
Nope…trying to get me to sign up for an account is ok, but I'm NOT putting in my credit card info.! 🙅🏼🙅�@MizzGenaMagenaMag
Nah...that link just gives me a bunch of pop ups and ads, trying to open up apps to purchase. 😒@Kvvesii
People just lie for no reason... Smh 😒
When you lose someone you love the sadness from that loss doesnt just go away. Even after time passes, thinking about them takes you back.💔😔
One of my followers is probably a catfish 🐱🐠😳 ...but, that's none of my business. 🐸☕️🙊😂
If you're not gonna do somethin, don't say you are. Your word is all you have. Once your word isn't credible, you might as well quit talkin.
You're typically quite proficient at taming the contentious en... More for Capricorn
Umm, look again…you're mistaken. lol…
I'm friendly with all my followers…lol 😆☺…q
No problem…TY, too! 👍�…yO
We all matter to someone. Every human has a story. It just depends on if you care enough to listen.

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