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It’s so easy to lose your voice. It’s natural to just give up & let go.😔 But, you can’t.🙅🏼 Keep fighting…you’re stronger than you think!! 💪🏻
Not everyone will see your beauty. Not everyone will see your worth. Luckily for you…not everyone’s opinion matters. 💯☺️
A positive attitude costs you nothing, except a decision to change your mindset…but, the possible benefits are infinite. 🙌🏻#YourChoiceice 💯
I have so many changes to make. I’m far from perfect!!👌🏻
Stop whining and complaining. That solves NOTHING. 🙅🏼
Today, someone else woke up to a ‘hell’ that is 10x worse than anything you’ve ever dealt with in your own life. 💯 Be grateful.#ImBlessedd🙏🏻
You might not put a lot of faith into your intuition as a gene... More for Capricorn
RIP, Bobbi Kristina 💔😔
Seriously…if you haven’t changed these Facebook settings - - change them TODAY to protect your online privacy!! 😧😱
You're uncharacteristically inclined to dramatize everything y... More for Capricorn
Trust NO ONE.👌🏻💯💯
If you get “hacked”…that’s your own damn fault. 💯#sorryNOTsorryy 😂
Some of y’all can’t even be honest with yourselves…I don’t expect you to be honest with me!!👌🏻
Some of the biggest liars are on social media, professing their “realness”. #STOPit✋🏻😑
I won’t beg ANYONE to be a part of my life. 💯
Some of y’ need to STOP playing the victim, but… 🐸☕️
Nobody cares. 💯 Stop spamming people. �@OrlandoGiraldidi
Didn’t click it. I saw someone post that it’ll spam your followers somehow. 1 of my followers says they were hacked.…
Everyone sending me spam DMs is going to be getting spam right back!! 📩☺️
My DMs currently look like a spam factory. 😒#STOPitt 🙅🏼
The stranger things are in your environment now, the stronger ... More for Capricorn
It’s so easy to get caught up with irrelevant things (and people). Shake off the negativity. Give YOURSELF a chance!! 💯👏🏻😊
REFUSE to let the world around you drive you crazy. 🙅🏼
Sometimes all you have is yourself to rely on. 💯
People…people make me not want to talk to people.👌🏻😑
You may be totally exasperated today because you know that ful... More for Capricorn
Question everything… 💯
STOP sharing the photoshopped pic of #SandraBland’s mugshot. If its not on a credible news source, dont spread it. This is someones family…😔
People are so rude for no reason. 🙅🏼 Get over yourselves.✌🏻️😒
There’s too many people to auto-follow, so I just ask that people let me know if they need a follow. I got you now.…

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