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Lord James Hodges
Guns, bitches and beers
The amount of excitement for walking dead in this room is unreal!!
Lunch - Soup, bread and wine ...bitches love wine
By the sounds of it! The slug bouncers have already started decorating the walls with blood ready for halloween
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β€œ@LadHumour: Gettin home with ur best mate after a nightout..” @HarryPayne3
Every thing is timing
Spoke too soon... The train kept stopping, I had to give up my seat and some stank!!
Today must be some kind of Christmas miracle! No train delays, no one smells and I have a seat!!
Delayed trains, people that stink, no seats..
Weird and Crazy is much better than Boring and Normal!!
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All I end up doing is staying up late and thinking all the time!
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Gonna happen real soon I can feel it!
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Walking Dead starts next Monday and I couldn't be more excited about it! Monday's will become a good day :)
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Life is an adventure, or its nothing at all.
I wish I knew what I know now when I was younger.
Next time I need a friend like @ConorBlake95 I'll just squat and s***
The Mist has such a depressing ending
Three hours later I'm at work...
Drive over Kanye's head if you want your kart to receive a speed boost.
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Possibly the longest train journey home I've ever had..
I have holiday days to burn! And I want to use them on something worth it! Where can I go?
I feel so old with all these sayings like "ship" bae and "no chill" can't keep up with the times when I was a kid saying bro was cool
Not having a seat on the train is not the one..
Happy Birthday to one of my best pals @JamesEdwardMead ! Hope you had a good night lastnight 😏😏�
do u ever just smell an old perfume, hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for a couple minutes
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Commuting has got to be the worse thing!
β€œ@GeorgeBloomfie1: Finally got a job at last” Well done pal! What is it?
Where's that middle ground?!?