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James Luckhurst
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Keep the thermostat down and do your temperature-adjusting inside the bed -- with more or fewer blankets.
Deep breathing can help you relax enough to fall asleep.
If the room is too hot, try turning on a fan.
Keep Your Bed a Place for Sleep
Pick a reasonable and regular time to go to bed each night. And stick to it. Even if you don't think you're tired when the time comes.
If your pillow is too hot, flip it over.
Make sure you keep to a fixed sleep routine and don't adjust it at the weekends #insomnia
Raindrops, running water, wind, or binaural beats are all sounds that help some people sleep.
Try to stop all exciting activities at least 30 minutes before you want to sleep
Focus your mind on only this one thing, instead of racing through the day's activities.
If you avoid taking naps, you'll be more tired at bedtime and more able to fall asleep.
Make sure you keep to a tight sleep routine and don't adjust it at the weekends #insomnia
Make the massage strokes slow, gentle, yet firm, to work the tension out of your muscles and soothe you to sleep.
Get Some Physical Exercise During the Day
Both writing down your thoughts and planning your time will ease stress and clear your head before you go to sleep
Some people sleep best when they strip down to nothing at all.
Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco
Play some soft, soothing music that will lull you to sleep.
If you keep getting interrupted by noises from the street or around the house, try to block them out with a regular noise.
Use earplugs: block out sounds of roommates or neighbors.
Light that shines directly on your face while you're sleeping can create shadows under your eyes.
Try putting your arm near your face to block out any unwelcome rays.