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James Holdman Jr
No matter how much sugar & kool-aide you put in water. It's still water. Water flows and keeps moving…
Success and ambitious people are crashing into me today.
The things I dislike about YOU are the things I dislike about MYSELF. The change starts with ME.
The more things I let go completely and fly away from me in the wind. The more I get in return fly…
If you only knew what he's thinking...
Silent confidence is deadly.
Actions always speak louder than words..
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Constant reinforcement to monitor all my thoughts.
I just have to laugh sometimes at things going on.
When I just know what I know that I know.
Day #31 I am grateful for honest and loyal people. You are who you hang around with. The CEO went the…
Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. Confucius quotes
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Day #30 I am grateful for my journey. I am a better & stronger dude! Why me...Why not me???
Consider spending more time setting the conditions for things to go right than dealing with things that go wrong. | #leadership @UpSearch
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Day #28 I am grateful for running and clean water.
Something's are falling in place with my dreams.
There are times when you have to prove yourself to you! #Ready
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Every time I go lift weights in the basement. I'm grateful. Good looking out K Williams.
Day #27 I am grateful for daily frustrations testing my inner faith. Standing on solid ground. #principles
Day #26 I am grateful for the gift of courage. Thank Laura Cary McWee family for the gift. It will…