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James Holdman Jr
I am thankful my son gets to witness my journey and participate in his future. #Legacy
"“I am a receiver of Financial Authority. I will master The Law of the Harvest. I will master The Law of Rece...…
Power of Two: When God wants to bless you, he brings a person into your life.
Those who Never ask questions, research or read are often arrogant.
The conversations I have with my oldest daughter is Priceless. She is hilarious! #blessed #comedy
Helping others always puts me in a better mood.
Tea Party time w girls. (@ Celestial Seasonings w/ 3 others)…
I'm at Garden of the Gods (Colorado Springs, CO) w/ 4 others…
We should take advantage of the opportunities we have. The fact that we can't help everyone is no excuse not to help anyone.
So, at those times when you can't stand another minute, stand two and this promise will pull you through.
When you or I take out last breath, we will breathe it alone.
Continue to focus on the WHY I am...
That face I give you when it's time to back up because you said something stupid.
My mind is that of a elephant. I remember everything in detail because you're important to me.
Some battles u don't have to fight because they r just not worth it
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The mind is everything.
Powerless leaders spew disapproval without optimism. Anyone can complain. Charismatic leaders articulate compelling vision. Dan Rockwell
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Choosing the right thoughts
The scent of books: Your Kindle will need a lot of incense
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Morale is the core of any team's unity. If you don't believe in each other it's harder to believe in where you are going. | leadership
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Don't worry bout the results. Keeping believing and moving forward.
No matter how much sugar & kool-aide you put in water. It's still water. Water flows and keeps moving…
Success and ambitious people are crashing into me today.
The things I dislike about YOU are the things I dislike about MYSELF. The change starts with ME.
The more things I let go completely and fly away from me in the wind. The more I get in return fly…
If you only knew what he's thinking...
Silent confidence is deadly.
Actions always speak louder than words..
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Constant reinforcement to monitor all my thoughts.
I just have to laugh sometimes at things going on.
When I just know what I know that I know.
Day #31 I am grateful for honest and loyal people. You are who you hang around with. The CEO went the…
Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. Confucius quotes
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Day #30 I am grateful for my journey. I am a better & stronger dude! Why me...Why not me???