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James Gunn
baby groot Fon guardians of the galaxy #geeksterink #hellcatstattooparlour#groot#iamgroot#guardiansofthegaxy
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It’s a very butt plug time of year.…
@JamesGunn Gamora ink sketch. I sense a Ronan and a Nebula ink sketch real soon. Can't wait for the GOTG blu-ray! X
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Tonight at midnight at #SIFFCinemaEgyptian: SLITHER by James Gunn (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY). It's about to get goopy.
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Creepy baby doll in my nephew's room. Holy shit.
Back in my old stomping grounds. Central Park, New York City, right this moment. As I stand here I remember the last time I was here I saw a raccoon and posted it on FB. That was a few months before Marvel approached me about #GotG. So now I'm doing everything I can to avoid seeing a duck. Wish me
A little more on #GotG passing 700 million. Italy, we’ll see you guys in a few days!…
Any size box is the most comfortable thing ever. Next stop: ripping it up! #emilymonster #catsofinstagram
#gotgpicoftheday In London for the press conference with @zoesaldana @prattprattpratt @karengillan2 & Bautista. Man, I was so tired during this time - completely exhausted. And probably stressed because the movie was about to open. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy #GotG
#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy banners popping up all around! yay!!! Can't wait for the movie to come out here in Italy too :D
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@mckinstrydavid: @JamesGunn Will there be director commentary on the GOTG blu-ray? please say yes” yes
Haha how awesome. @Neilyoung proclaims himself Groot on @HowardStern!…
If my cat were a human, I'd punch her in the face. But what human wouldn't you punch who was shitting in your bathtub?
Guys, there is no need to be keyboard vets for my cat. Her health is great. Her sole problem is that she is a dick.
Thanks for the nod, South Park. Can't wait to see the feature length Uniters of the Universe.
@jesnider: @JamesGunn Gotta clean that thing every day, bro, that’s what the vet said.” I CLEAN IT SHE IS AN ASSHOLE.
This tweet is just for my cat: DUDE THE LITTERBOX IS NOT JUST A SUGGESTION.
#gotgpicoftheday One of our background actors with the Ladies of the Boot of Jemiah. His look of bliss is real. #gotg
#gotgpicoftheday One of our background actors was having the time of his life with the Ladies of the Boot of Jemiah. The look of bliss on his face is real! And also - wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @ekaterinazalitko (above left) - she's an incredible woman and one of my favorite people I met while mak
My interview from Interview Magazine with Grant Morrison…
Just missed a meeting because I thought today was Sunday. My assistant is out of town and I guess I’ve become an infant.
Newest #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy member revealed! By the great @poopbird cc @rainnwilson
Haha. Guardians was nominated for an American Music Award. Life is ridiculous and takes you to the most unexpected places sometimes.
Drinking buddies.
Chance meeting in a Silverlake bar.
@JamesGunn Think my nephew was key to keeping #GOTG in US theatre for 2 glorious months! Rocket obsessed!
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We aren't done yet! Thanks, China!…
Digital Painting of me from PG Porn by @ellypaints.
Digital painting of @JamesGunn from his PG Porn video. Because those videos were just freaking…
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Keep it clean #emilymonster
Dear God, it's a Guardians of the Galaxy burlesque show in Toronto. Thanks to @CarolZara for this.
@War_Hog419: but to remake GB with all women is like remaking in living color with all whites… it takes away from what made it great” Huh?
For those of you who are anti-remakes...…
@paully_eFFerson: @JamesGunn Do you have any hand in the GotG series coming up?” Nope.
@DudeManRodLives: you believe in Aliens to don’t you, there are no Aliens” Statistically speaking, there almost certainly are aliens.
The poo emoji makes me happier than almost anything else in the world.
#flashbackfriday #gotgpicoftheday With line producer Nik Korda, @prattprattpratt, & Lee Pace, enjoying a rare day of rest during #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy. #GotG
Seriously. HOW DOES HAVING A PENIS HELP YOU CATCH GHOSTS? If anything, it could be a hindrance, because you could snag it on something.
If they get the fucking ghosts out of my house, I don't care if they're men or women. Also, @paulfeig is awesome.
7 am construction next door? Check. Last night’s bad Indian food ravaging my insides? Check. Cat pee in gym? Check. Happy Friday, everyone!
Thanks to all the Chinese fans writing me telling me you enjoyed #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy (which opened there today)
For anyone who doubted how much I LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy ;) #FirstTattoo @JamesGunn @Guardians
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