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James Gunn
Swimming with otters at @nurturedbynatureotters.
Just got my #guardiansofthegalaxy soundtrack and score on vinyl!
#gotgpicoftheday @zoesaldana as #Gamora on the monitor as she sleeps in the Kyln. #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy
Me and Oreo at the London premiere. I never looked better.
ArmadilloCam! These guys are the most awesome walkers ever of all time! Direct from @nurturedbynatureotters!
About to switch to iPhone 6. If I disappear, save me. It means the switching over process has gone wrong & I’m w/o communication & starving.
Yesterday I had one of the best experiences I've had in a long time at @nuturedbynatureotters, just outside San Diego, where I played with many strange beasties and swam with Asian otters, who love playing with humans. This is something anyone can do, so I strongly suggest you check it out. The fact
#gotgpicoftheday One of the Ladies of the Boot of Jemiah, the wonderful @ekaterinazalitko, takes a texting break in the holding tent. #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy
Like voicemail, cell phones, and GPS, I didn't know how much my life was missing until I found @waze.
Wow. I’m teary-eyed because I just heard @EricTheActor passed away. Surprised to be so incredibly sad. #RIPErictheActor @sternshow
Hello, beautiful. He likes to eat treats from my hand and his name is Coconut. He always looks like he's tiptoeing. I have video and would post but you'd die from its awesome (ok maybe later.) #ARMADILLO @nurturedbynatureotters
Yes I am face to face with a sloth right now.
Good morning, San Diego.
#gotgpicoftheday Some of the goodies on sale at a kiosk in Knowhere. Pay close attention, Marvelites. These will play an important role in the Wal Russ movie planned for 2032. (And it's sad that I know the Internet well enough that I now have to explain that FOR GOD'S SAKE I'M KIDDING. I don't reall
This is Arm Fall Off Boy, a DC Comics character. I really hope to God they're using him in a future Justice League film, because I know I'd like to get my grubby little hands on him. Crossover please? PS It's late Friday night and I think I've been at #fantasticfest for too long.
In other news, I’m pretty stoked for the #Deadpool movie. Really loved the @RhettReese Paul Wernick script I read a while back…
Congrats to my great pal @yarvoyarvo on his first feature #TheHive's World Premiere at #FantasticFest. This dude can direct the hell out of a movie. Can't wait for you all to see it - the most horrific love story you'll ever see. PS Thanks to whoever I stole this photo from.
Totally loved @Yarvo’s #TheHive. The most horrifying and disgusting love story ever. #FantasticFest
First thing I do when I get to Texas is eat deviled eggs! Mmmm!
#gotgpicoftheday "Attention idiots!" Here's Drax (Dave Bautista) on the top of the Milano with Rocket (@thejudgegunn) and Groot (Krystian Godlewski) in the cockpit. Although we built then entire two-story interior of the Milano, this was just the cockpit which we removed and placed on a gigantic gim
Ronan & Nebula clean up nicely AKA what 6 foot looks like next to 6'5" and 5'11" in heels.
Girls with their online selfies.
@c0rpsebrides: when even is the dvd release?” If I told you Marvel would flick the switch that sets off the bomb in the back of my brain.
@ApolloCandy: Are we going to see any of Sean's work as Rocket on the DVD extras?” Yes. But for now you can still see the movie in theaters
#gotgpicoftheday @thejudgegunn is ready for action as the on-set Rocket. Contrary to numerous articles, Sean was NOT a "stand-in." We had a stand-in named Arti, and a stuffed Rocket as well, who would be there for lighting purposes and setting up the scene. Instead, Sean performed the role of Rocket
Random #VonSpears fact: He has a sixth sense that leads him to chocolate. He once ATE THROUGH a Tumi suitcase to get to a large-sized chocolate bar I brought home from a wedding. He ate it all and had to get his stomach pumped, because chocolate can be deadly for dogs. If I have chocolate in the hou
#gotgpicoftheday This picture was taken one or two days before we started shooting. Some of my best times during the movie were spent hanging out with these guys. My brother @thejudgegunn and I lived in a house behind a pub next to the River Thames, with lots of room for Von Spears to run. @prattpra
Had a shockingly delicious dinner last night at Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.
My Instagram account made the today show this morning. Also - Happy Play-Doh day!
Oh wow. So busted. Groot, if you thought Ronan was trouble...
We're either in a tunnel or starring on a new show on SyFy.
#gotgpicoftheday Another small bit cut from the film featured Simara Dixon as a girl Quill flirted with directly after saying goodbye to Bereet and then later stopped for a moment in his mall battle with Rocket, Groot, and Gamora to flirt with again. But Simara was also very important to #GotG becau
Light in the forest.
Fame at last! RT @JamesGunn: #gotgpicoftheday Sad VFX guys stands in for a piece of mining equipment on Knowhere.
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#gotgpicoftheday I really wanted a miner on Knowhere to be dragging a giant, floating piece of machinery behind him. Although it can barely be seen in the film, it's there, in CGI. This is the poor VFX guy who had to stand in for the CGI equipment. I'd like to say the cast and crew were kind and did
Monterey, California today.
Some of the best moments in life are like early Wong Kar Wai films. Headed up to Northern California.
#gotgpicoftheday Scale model of the Morag temple set while standing on the Morag landscape set. While,…
#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy opening credits recreated in the game Destiny.…
@JamesGunn Thank you for great movie!!!!! I was so moved...Thank you!!!
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My phone just autocorrected thos to Thanos. Am I that evil or have I been at Marvel too long?