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James Gunn
#gotgpicoftheday To celebrate #guardiansofthegalaxy becoming the number 1 film of the summer, here's a blurry photo of @KarenGillan2 with Timone the meerkat. #gotg
As of today, our a-holes are the top grossing film of the summer. Thank you all. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
First Dancing Baby Groot toy from @OriginalFunko.
Melody is proud of her AWESOME TONGUE.
@Raymakers: Dear Dr. Gunn, I have seen your movie #GotG 4 times this week. Is something wrong with me?” You are a rare genius.
#gotgpicoftheday Rehearsal on the Milano. He is not a princess. #guardiansofthegalaxy #gotg
My whole life I thought I didn't think I liked coconut because I thought coconut was what was on Hostess Snowballs. But as it turns out that's not what coconut is at all, and coconut is actually freaking delicious.
Awesome traditional Thai musicians doing a cover of Bad Romance at a hotel function. They really rocked!
Thank you, Thailand, for truly one of the greatest times of my life. You are wonderful people.
Finally some girls in Thailand who are excited to see me!
More people in Thailand who love me - #3 in a series (ok, we faked this one.)
#gotgpicoftheday My pal @narcissusholmes as the Ravager Sidekick. #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy
It's nice when lines come together in the right way.
The latest film from @JamesGunn , Guardians of the Galaxy is awesome! The ultimate Sci-Fi movie ever.
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Anyone for a swim?
@Lowen91m: @JamesGunn can you please write a cameo of your Slither creature in Guardians 2?” Watch Guardians 1 more closely…
#gotgpicoftheday #VonSpears frolics with his platoon of Sakaaran soldiers. #guardiansofthegalaxy #gotg
Everything is Groot.
This is a real place and I am really here right now. Unbelievable!
.@JamesGunn make a $22 donation and get a sweet T-shirt to help Los Angeles shelter dogs!… (please)
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The only thing more important to me than movies is dogs. I love meeting them all over then world and we all speak the same language.
Interviewed by the great Elvis Mitchell for KCRW’s The Treatment - one of my favorite interviews ever!…