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James Gunn
@ovo672: @JamesGunn @totalrecsup Will we see a director's cut?” You already did.
Hey guys get in on some @chantalclaret action. She's one of my best pals and she's AMAZING!…
@totalrecsup: @JamesGunn do you still see new things every viewing that you wished you changed/added?” Yes.
Just saw @Guardians in 4DX at LA Live. Wanted to check out the technology and it was truly a lot of fun!
I guess I was (unknowingly) a part of the Apple Watch event yesterday.
Who is coming to see me moderate the World Premiere of @Yarvo's The Hive at @fantasticfest Friday, Sept 19?…
#gotgpicoftheday Closeup of another awesome background actor makeup by David White. Our onset code for these guys was 'goofies', which I always thought was a little demeaning for an entire species but, oh well. This was one of the more frustrating effects for the wearer because it covered their mout
Rocket & Groot as Calvin & Hobbes from #guardiansofthegalaxy #gotg
#emilymonster doesn't believe a word I say. #catsofinstagram
#gotgpicoftheday Actor @michael_rooker has been in all three movies I've directed. We've also worked together on a video game, a web show, and he even appeared on my reality show. But my favorite role for him yet is Yondu Udonta... perhaps because it's the most like him. I don't think he galaxy has
Forget Thanos or Loki. My dog, Indiana, has the Infinity Gauntlet! Cats beware! @JamesGunn @Guardians @twhiddleston
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Unused photograph from my Hollywood Reporter Pets issue shoot, with an uncooperative #emilymonster and a couldn't-care-less #VonSpears. By Ramona Rosales. #catsofinstagram
Repost from @thejudgegunn - @prattprattpratt & #vonspears
When I'm on my deathbed I may not remember box office numbers, but I will almost certainly remember nights sitting around this table hanging with my friends.
"@JamesGunn: @RobLowe @prattprattpratt Thanks, man! Keep it on the DL that the Weevil is the villain in Guardians 2." My lips are sealed!
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#gotgpicoftheday Took a mining pod out for a spin. #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy
The birthday boy and #VonSpears chumming it up.
We're celebrating they birth of my pal @jimmyurine.
Hilarious Japanese trailers for #GuardiansoftheGalaxy. I love these. Opens there this week.…
ME: You want to see "Guardians" again tonight? MISTY: I've seen it so many times I think I'm in it. (Does 60 seconds of Baby Groot dance)
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#gotgpicoftheday A family of Rainers relaxes while waiting for the camera to be set up. "Rainers" was simply our onset name for this particular set of aliens. The adults were played by very tall people and the children were played by small adults. On this day the weather was overcast and pleasant, b
10 Films That Left a Lasting Impression cc @kyle_newman…
Seems like 'go home & knock out' IS a phrase. Regional. I was wrong. Dammit. Have to cut off a toe.
Anyone know the phrase 'I'm gonna go home & knock out' instead of saying 'pass out'? Having a serious argument over whether this is a phrase
Only 4 movies in the last decade have topped the box office for 4 weekends: Dark Knight, Avatar, Hunger Games & now @JamesGunn's @Guardians
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Wonderful baby #Groot statuette by BastardPrince on DeviantArt.
#gotgpicoftheday THANKS to you, #GuardiansoftheGalaxy is having it's FOURTH weekend at number one, which hasn't happened with any movie for over two and a half years. It happened last with the first Hunger Games and, before that, with Avatar and, before that, The Dark Knight. But those weekends wer
@HiAleca: @JamesGunn what other movie did the same then??” Avatar & The Hunger Games also had 4 weeks (tho theirs were consecutive).
THANK YOU for giving #GuardiansoftheGalaxy a FOURTH weekend at number one, which hasn't happened with any movie for over two years! #gotg
. @JamesGunn this was one of the coolest #dragoncon moments, and I regret not having you sign my MoonDragon
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Just me, a Cosmic Cube and some #GuardiansoftheGalaxy. If you're in this let me know and I'll tag you.
@NiallBradley91: @JamesGunn @Lukee_Snowdonn like this very second? o.O” Working out now, but after that, yes.
@Lukee_Snowdonn: @JamesGunn are you set to direct the #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy sequel?" Yes, and writing as well, which I'm doing NOW.
@danjoeg80: @JamesGunn do we have to wait until #GOTG2 for volume 2?” Yep.
Here's a @RollingStone Magazine interview with me about the #GotG soundtrack. Pretty cool!…
@RobertOttone: @JamesGunn You couldn't just, I dunno, clean the couch?” So little you understand about cat pee.
She pissed on the couch and I had to reupholster it. And then she looked majestic. It's her thing. #emilymonster #catsofinstagram #cats
#gotgpicoftheday @zoesaldana with her double, the sweet and awesome @abidemii. This was a sad day on our last day of shooting in England. #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy
#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy is the first movie I've been to at which people clapped at the end. Awesome work @JamesGunn !!!♥♥
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@Angelicomics: Not sure if you made it for my proposal but your appearance made it better” congrats!
That time Dragoncon won the world.
.@JamesGunn Here's the final version of my #Popeye & #Groot art. The sailor definitely belongs on the team. #GOTG
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A particularly buoyant #Gamora.