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James Gant
Javerting tonight if anyone who hasn't seen it, wants to!
2 things you have to know: 1. First one is /the/ silliest thing I've ever drawn 2. It's *entirely* @jamesgant's fault
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Lovely leaving drinks in D14 with Mandy. We will miss you terribly from @lesmisofficial xxx #D14
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Rest assured you can always rely on @jamesgant to give you a running commentary in the style of David Attenborough during @lesmisofficial
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PLEASE RT - Actors! Watch this video! Some strong values that we should all have as actors! We deserve to be paid…
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What happens when @LeeDillonStu falls asleep in dressing room 14. Episode two.
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Just thinking about how much we laugh at work. I love my job and the brilliant people I work with. @lesmisofficial #room14
The planet Uranus was orignally called George. But due to unpopularity it was changed to Uranus (Father of Saturn in greek mythology) #fact
So looking forward to having @LeeDillonStu and @chrisedwards79 back in #room14 tomorrow.
Busy start to the week. Ready for a nice calm revolution tonight!!
A helicopter just flew overhead but I heard it before I saw it & could have sworn it was the tardis. A very exciting moment! @bbcdoctorwho
@jamesgant Currently enjoying the SWMTC after show party. You are missed from there too
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Just cos I found it from on my phone and think people should see this. Here he is again. #glorious @chrisedwards79
Here is a still of me in the kids choir on @martineofficial @BBCCiN single "Love Me" 15 years ago, can u spot me?!
Here's @adampearce84 ready for convicts. Looking sultry, feirce, and ready for an incredible second show of the day!
Ladies, I give you gods gift to women: the lithe, heavily bearded and sensationally talented @chrisedwards79 #room14
Anyone coming to watch us revolting today??
There's a really wintery feeling in the air today...😊❄
Just when you thought you couldn't admire bread any more, you remember it's got it's own bin named after it.
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Really want see interstellar is it any good???
I hate that it is most definitely night when I leave for work now!
Missing the glorious @CarrieHFletcher at @lesmisofficial I hope rehearsals are going well for @twotwofficial x
Two lovely shows today. Have a great holiday @LeeDillonStu and looking forward to seeing HRH @adampearce84 back tomorrow! #room14
Nice to be in rehearsal with @BradleyJaden he's absolutely killing it. Legend!
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. #lestweforget
I think team Jamlee won, leaving team Bradian trailing! Sorry lads! @chrisedwards79 @BradleyJaden @LeeDillonStu
lee is super jealous of me creepy-combing my beard @LeeDillonStu @lesmisofficial please rt
Im excited for this. "@broadwayworld: VIDEO: The second trailer is out for INTO THE WOODS…"
YES! YES! YES! "@universaluk: The wait is finally over. Watch the #Minions trailer now! In cinemas Summer 2015.…"
Morning all, Bentley had a haircut yesterday & is just my favourite thing. We're just chilling with a cup of coffee.☕
On for a cheeky Javert tonight
Listening to Space Oddity by Bowie. Such a well crafted song. Real artistry. Why is the music industry saturated with generic, bland rubbish
Pet peeve - in a quiet restaurant, you want a waiter/waitresses attention but they are too busy flirting with another waiter/waitress. Grrr!
Right so Halloween's done. Does this mean Christmas tunes are allowed? Is this the world we live in now?
Audrey Hepburn "the vampire years" represented here by the lovely @JessamyStoddart
And to complete my trilogy of @chrisedwards79 appreciation tweets, here are he and I looking pale last night.
Myself, @LeeDillonStu and @adampearce84 had a lovely time tonight helping @chrisedwards79 through the first show in his 36th year! #room14
"#room14 is the best dressing room in the west end" - a genuine quote from @chrisedwards79 tonight. Hope u havent changed ur mind!