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James Deen
Ah crap... I got blood in my eye
Yvan eht nioj bitches!!!!!!!!
i did a podcast... i hope i am not too much of an opinionated asshole…
New post: Kayla West's Pussy
Dr squeak... Murderer of scorpions
i woke up at 3 am and did a shit load of work and laundry. i am thinking i earned a nap
i should probably start raising money for this at some point... GIVE ME 25 BUCKS!!!…
Mayhem - removal of limb, appendage or eye from another person. Intent to cause physical injury
what does it mean when reading someone's name makes your dick hard?
New post: James Deen Loves Sara Luvv
What the fuck is team big dick? That might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen on the internet
zoo today? and by zoo i mean... the zoo
I have learned that left to my own devises I just don't really sleep
So many smells are happening right now
this dude doesn't have cats attacking him while he's folding & I doubt he's drunk!!!! RT @AnabelleLeigh1: @JamesDeen…
I will not consider myself a success in life until I figure out what is actually the best way to "fold" a fitted sheet
I just bought the most lavish cat tree I have ever seen
New post: Dana Vespoli IS Pornoromance
Ever think about how disgusting some of the food you eat really is?
Haha look at me pretending to know what I'm talking about!!! RT @braxtonpope: selfie x #jamesdeen x julien nitzberg
Just had to justify my love of fire to people from television
What constitutes being a millionaire? Do you need more than a million dollars? Does it have to be in cash? Do assets count?
I have never seen blade runner but woodrocket told me it would be cool so I did it…
For reals though... Who doesn't enjoy a good arson party????
You really never know when you are going to be attacked by a wolf or something
New post: James Deen Morgan Lee Sex Party
Once a baby panda, always a baby panda!!!!
For all that are curious, I escaped the room last night because a caring stranger dismantled the door with a butter knife
I am officially locked inside this room. Someone come to room 223 and kick the door so it will open
Who's number 1??? @apacsocial is number 1!!! RT @AIDSWalkLA: Announcing our PUMP Challenge Winners! Congratulations
Pornoromance 2.... It wasn't supposed to be all anal, it just kinda turned out that way
I'm not crazy i am just so incredibly drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how come madonna never calls me :-(
New post: NOT Planning A Murder With Gaby
of course i am mad with power!! ever try to go mad without power? it is boring no one listens to you!!!!!
lets start a cult!!!!!!!!
Feelings and skittles... They are the same thing right?
What is it called when you know what the right thing to do is but you do the wrong thing instead?
Does chex mix count as lunch? It has salt... Salt is a vegetable right???
New post: James Deen's 7 Sins WRATH
My creative process consists of me sitting in a gutter and thinking about what I want to see girls I like do with their butts
It is too hot for pants... Fuck pants
The position being taken is not to be mistaken for attempted education or righteous accusation