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James Deen
modeling models actor 174,142 followers
The socks I'm wearing are really dirty and have been shoved in multiple women's mouth holes
I get so nervous around other people... Even if I know them. What the hell?!?!???? #jewproblems
New post: Asa Akira And Her Hole
Anyone else really want to see the band hanson and justin Bieber fight each other?
I'm going to go wash my penis
New post: Janice Griffith Boob Party
For every person who tells me you can't hurt them with a flogger.... Hi, my name is james deen
That's what I was JUST saying to this kitten here!!!! RT @rebeccacurrence: @JamesDeen a girl programmer could still send you dick pics.
In no way do I think all programmers are dudes. Can't a Jew make a dick pic joke in piece GAWD DAMNIT!!!!!! But seriously... Dick pics
Dear internet. I need a programmer who can do the things I want. Apply within. No dick pics... Ok... SOME dick pics are acceptable
does pussy eating thursday sound better then pussy eating wednesday?
ENVY now on new shirts available on there... i did my monday promoting. now ice cream??
I totally look like a serial killer when I have a shaved head
tomorrow i am going to have sex with 10 girls... that's pretty cool
Insert witty sex comment here RT @ChanelPreston: I never posted my freshly fucked by @JamesDeen face the other day.
kill girls STILL watch while i eat ether
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Do you think that dude tom from myspace is on Facebook?
productivity makes my dick hard
New post: Dani Daniels And James Deen Fucked Like Hookers
Gawd damnit!!!!! I undercooked my artichoke
what's up with her boobs?
New post: Though Shall Not Defy Thy Vespoli
yesterday i had sex on a bed made of cat hair... my eye balls now have cat hair in them