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James Deen
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If there was anything in this world that could get me to use drugs then it would be this meme
I want your skulls.... I NEED your skulls!!!!!
When are cats supposed to stop growing?
Annnnnnnnnd you're welcome internet :-*
I cut myself shaving then I got weird and played with the blood... and then took a picture
Dear Mack Weldon, I fucking love your underwear!!! Now kindly send me lots of it for free. Thank you
I get it... Your abs are better than mine!!!! RT @danadearmond: There is literally no good selfie light in my house
Dear Miriam, Thank you for the comics :-)
Dr squeak... Murderer of scorpions
Once a baby panda, always a baby panda!!!!
Excellent job widjet, but that isn't a real mouse sweetheart
Oh widjet... That's not how cats bathe sweetheart
"I don't advocate sitting alone drinking but sometimes it's all I can do to keep myself from thinking" - MCD
Widjet!!!! Get out of the fireplace sweetheart
seriously.... Are people jerking it in here?