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Saint Golden
The weirdest college courses in the country:
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Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea is always a winner. #Happytime #RightNow
First day at my new gig was suuuch a success! I can't wait to place my first accounting pro!
#NowWatching Dazed & Confused for the first time!
Lol at the amount of people I see walking around with sun-umbrellas in the San Fernando Valley.
"You can trade hours for dollars, or ideas for millions"
I've taken 358 pictures and 6 videos in the last hour! Yikes!
Afternoon drive through Topanga Canyon! #RightNow
Satellite Stories - Lights Go Low by Satellite Stories on #SoundCloud…
I already miss @IAmJamesGolden and he hasn't even gotten on his plane yet
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There has to be something very special or interesting about you to capture the attention of a #Scorpio
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So yeah... People are people, they will forever do peoplely stuff.
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Dirty ol' @DunkinDonuts on Wisconsin Ave in Millwaukee.. I guess they put the international misfits on the grave yard shift.
"Superfoods" may be the answer to cure what ails you:
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Three years ago Facebook promised it wouldn't sell your web browsing history. Looks like Facebook changed its mind:
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From watches to wallets, there’s still time to get the perfect Father’s Day gift. #WhatHeWants
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Oh how I've missed throwing the football! Damn I feel a lot better! #FamilyBonding
If you can't even depend on're doomed. #SelfControl #SelfMastery #GrindHarder
First things first, keep it breezy.
How To Avoid The Curse of Creative Perfectionism | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
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The last time Friday the 13th and a full moon coincided was October 13, 2000.
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A spa in China will light your balls on fire. We have questions.
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😍�@luxury__travelel: An insider's guide into bar hopping in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”
Yesterday I met the guy who creates these!! #Awesome #Artwork
There are more than 100,000 chemical reactions happening in the human brain every second.
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My skin is crawling with disgust. I cannot completely control my emotions. But my thoughts will stay sharp. #UpwardsAndOnwards
can't be talking to just anyone now.. “@Bossluxuryuk: Diamond iphone 5 by Bossluxury
I'm at Mizu Japanese Hibachi Express (Milwaukee, WI)
Don't compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday.
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Let's talk about the coolest substance ever: graphene.
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Had a good day working in weird ol' Kenosha! #HomeFree 😄
Why my co-worker just felt the need to tell us that he's a power-top I'll never know...
😒#RightNoww. I like working with both men and women, I'd say that's ideal! But not 'kid-guy-dudes'.. There's no relation.
Republican gay rights groups denied booth at Texas Republican convention
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Don't ask how.. But I just know that this is going to be the tightest summer! ☀️☀️☀️