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Is this the greatest modern Mustang?
Teen crashes Bronco because his armpit hair was set on fire by his idiot friend.
The closest race between a car and a tractor you'll ever see.
Why is this surfing website lying about 2015 Microbuses?
Watch these Russian missiles completely tear through a delelict ship.
This is the featherweight future of subcompact cars and it's amazing.
Meet the most radical Citroen 2CV Buffet tanker truck ever built
Here are some easy ass ways to make money in Detroit. "Starting a car company" isn't one of them via Jalopnik Detroit
HOLY CRAP: @DougDeMuro has video proof that rain will not melt a Ferrari. URGENT BREAKING.
This is the most adorable race car in the world.
This giant sensor packed balloon is about to watch over the Capitol.
Tuerck'd is coming back! Expect more Post-Soviet drifting and also fire
The 2015 BMW M3 is unlike any M3 before. But is it any good? Let's find out. Our review:
This 1997 Mazda Miata has 23,000 miles on it. Would you pay $10,000 to own it?
Here's Satan's truck of eternal hellfire just kind of casually driving down the highway.
LA school district gives back its grenade launchers but keeps its MRAP
2015 Fiat 500X: Will Americans buy this Fiat?
Yes you can jump a beater Toyota, but should you?
Even the as-of-yet-unrealized future Toyota Surpras get immediately modified
And now the review you've all been waiting for: Ram Power Wagon
There's a brand new Lamborghini... and we have no idea what it is
Two lucky guys happen to spot a pair of F-18s buzzing Death Valley
What's the world's most vulgar car?
This guy just bought the most (and most expensive) Rolls Royces ever
Ten ways we can become better citizens of the road
We're testing the 2014 @Jeep Cherokee on & off-road all week! What do you want to know?…
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Is the Forza Horizon 2 opening too goofy or just goofy enough?
You should NOT buy an NA Mazda Miata, according to this Opponaut:
This is your reminder that reviews of the 2015 Ford Mustang come out at noon
German carmakers may need Tesla's gigafactory more than Tesla
Audi gets first autonomous driving permit in California
Recoil 2: What this desert racing truck can do will blow your mind
For $5,500 this 1970 VW Custom might give you the WIllys
NASA Picks Boeing AND SpaceX to build America's next manned spaceships.
Make the first 'S' a 'Z'?
American drivers are literally dying of boredom:
There was once a rear-engine 'Vette?
NHTA boss doesn't live in our reality.
What car looks better as a sedan than a hatch or wagon, even?
The LA School District has grenade launchers
Why your car sucks: 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. via @oppositelock1
Welcome to the Goodwood Revival, the absolute best car event of 2014. Period.
Here's what it's like to drive a Lancia 037 Group B street car. Spoiler Alert: It's awesome.
Here's the video where Fast Lane Daily channels Newsies.
For God's sake, take off your dealer license plate frame, our @DougDeMuro implores you.
This ridiculous race car proves that even clown shoes are better with a V8.
Now you can personalize your flying experience with just your phone.