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How the Soviet Navy became a major player
From reader 3ch0: the worst gas engines at producing power ever
San Diego's airport won't allow stinky cab drivers
Woman 'not sure' how dead body ended up in her trunk
So, the list starts with not one, but two Ferrari 250 GTOs...
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USAF's dubious priorities result in axing of F-15 Aggressor squad
Truck-driving lady's "Shake It Off" video is completely adorable
NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman got a chance to chase his open-wheel dream, and tested an Indy Lights car yesterday. Congrats, @pkligerman!
Which airlines are best at getting you there on time?
This is one awesome Mitsubishi Evolution VII drift car
'Platooning' how semi-trucks are almost driving themselves
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The new MINI 5 can fit all the clowns but isn't nearly as amusing.
A Jaguar Mk1 drifting at all times? In Goodwood, yes. #GoodwoodRevival
Iraq's first Mi-28 'Havoc' attack chopper has taken to the air
The fundraiser for the family of the young Miata enthusiast who died last weekend is now extremely close to its goal:
How to steal the same Ferrari twice and get caught both times
This is what happens when an auto enthusiast goes to an auction
Only in Japan will a wild Gundam Toyota Auris appear
Arsonist sets fire to BMWs at dealership
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Crash photos from the beginning of motoring are stunningly beautiful.
Watch this haunting time-lapse of aircraft boneyards
The original Japanese Honda Logo ads were ridiculous and blobular
Every "sports" car for sale in the US right now, compiled by one of our readers
Watch as inaugural Formula E race ends in absolutely monster crash
Motorsport is dangerous, especially if you drive a 1949 Maserati. #GoodwoodRevival
These Kei Vans In Costume Are Fantastic
The Renault Twingo's going to have a hard time getting a fair shake.
Bikini babes, trombones, horse masks. You know the drill.
I mean, that's what they look like.
This driver reads the road like a hunter reads the urine trail of the mighty moose, or something.
The fascinating world of cars that you pedal.
Check out this shadowy new jet that belongs to America's "other Air Force"
Why drive a classic Beetle when the 4CV is slower AND cooler?
REPORT: The Batmobile has been STOLEN in Detroit.
In his advice column, @JasonTorchinsky tells you what you need when you want a capable family car that's also fun:
Holy crapatola this custom Harley is deliciously gorgeous.
Jeremy Clarkson will host Top Gear unless he's "eaten by a pack of wild dogs"
The perfect nostalgia of American Graffiti
What's the best modified car on eBay that costs less than $10,000?
Another day, more Mercedes-AMG GT tearing it up, this time at COTA.
FACT: Blowing your fire system at 390 MPH (!!!) is pants-shittingly terrifying
What it's like to drive two classic V8 cruisers, including this '64 Buick Electra:
Deadmau5 really is giving people Uber rides in his McLaren
We love @dieselpowermag's Truck Olympics, a salute to ass-haulin' and coal-rollin'
Ferrari is doing 10 special edition cars just for America! Holding out for the 458 Montana: