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Dr. Jake PhD
May have overslept just slightly xD
Weird how after weeks of feeling shitty, the people who can make you feel better are the ones you least expect :)
*Casually checks Twitch* "Goddamnit, Utorak. Every fucking time...........*tears up* every time......" @Utorak007
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So Natalie Dormer is in the Hunger Games with that sexy as hell haircut, i suddenly want to watch it for some odd reason.
If the "stunning new Pokemon announcement" next week isn't a new Pokemon Snap, I'm gonna hurt somebody. And by "hurt somebody" I mean pout.
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Erykah Badu chills me out like nothing else man
I neeeeeeed to see Kendrick Lamar live dude god daaaaaamn
Jeez, the movie If I Stay looks like it will be so sad...
For anyone who sees me in the next few weeks, i apologise for the terrible facial hair. It will pass soon... Hopefully...
"first things first I'm a realist" - Plato
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God damn Machinima get your shit together...ā€¦
I need to buy some more comics soon, it's been too long :( #addiction
Rain is bad. Unless you're dry.
I swear to all the gods that I will not shave until I have a beard, if someone sees me with a razor in my hand, slap me across the face.
My dad listens to Iggy Azalea.. She's stuck in my head.
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If you're American and rooting against C9 you're a commie pinko and also probably a Nazi.
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