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Jake Baker
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What a waste of time
4/20, I know what I'm doing today
"@Fact: Semantic Satiation is a phenomenon when a word loses its meaning temporarily because of constant repetition." Fucking comes to mind
"Tonight's crowd really are darts fans" Kinda explains why they have paid to watch the darts Wayne.
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Makes me laugh when people moan they have no money all the time, yet they go out drinking every weekend. Easy way to solve that problem..
IPL today yessssss
I get put off people by the smallest of things 🙈
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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself
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"Ishant wanted to quit ODIs after WT20 snub. Says his mother made him change his mind." Why, aunty? Why???
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You can see Mars, above the moon
Nice 450 quid win on the golf :)
Few hundred if top 5
On for nearly 2 grand from 20 quid if Jiminez can do this... #Masters2014
Peter Wright on 122.... "He should get at least 2 darts at a double" Yeah, that means he'd need to get single 82 on his first dart Wayne?
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This is up there as one of the most boring days ever
So today another MP resigned after fraudulently claiming expenses. Can I say on behalf of the nation none of us are surprised.
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There's an entire genre of driver who doesn't know that overtaking is a legal manoeuvre & insists on flashing their lights when you do it.
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Led Zeppelin are mega
Found 4p when I was cleaning my room. #Rich
The media are proper wankers though as well
Some other celebrity has died, fuck off with your fake sympathy. They wouldn't care if you died, so why do you give a shit.
Stockport is disgusting.
And my brother is here :)
In a good mood for once
Cuntsssssss fuck off
Woke up and sick within minutes ffs
Tired already..
There have been some shock results at the World t20 but not on this occasion as Netherlands defeat England by 45 runs #wt20 #EngvNed
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As Atherton quite rightly said, complacency seems the wrong word to describe this.
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England embarrassed again... #EngvNed
Another week of boredom lies ahead.....
I don't even like watching tv anymore..
Driving to the top of Mount Chiliad is a fucking ball ache. #GTAV
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"@Fact: Your entire life consists of: Education for 12 years, College for 4 years, & working until you die." Not me
Imagine being a Manchester United AND an England cricket fan. Last 6 months would have been like a comedown from a 10 year coke binge.
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I hate City, it's good seeing United have a shit team though
Lost my bank card ffs
Primal Scream are well underrated
Gonna watch the hangover 3, see if it's any good