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Jake Baker
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What a waste of time
4/20, I know what I'm doing today
"@Fact: Semantic Satiation is a phenomenon when a word loses its meaning temporarily because of constant repetition." Fucking comes to mind
"Tonight's crowd really are darts fans" Kinda explains why they have paid to watch the darts Wayne.
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Makes me laugh when people moan they have no money all the time, yet they go out drinking every weekend. Easy way to solve that problem..
IPL today yessssss
I get put off people by the smallest of things 🙈
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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself
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"Ishant wanted to quit ODIs after WT20 snub. Says his mother made him change his mind." Why, aunty? Why???
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You can see Mars, above the moon
Nice 450 quid win on the golf :)
Few hundred if top 5
On for nearly 2 grand from 20 quid if Jiminez can do this... #Masters2014
Peter Wright on 122.... "He should get at least 2 darts at a double" Yeah, that means he'd need to get single 82 on his first dart Wayne?
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This is up there as one of the most boring days ever
So today another MP resigned after fraudulently claiming expenses. Can I say on behalf of the nation none of us are surprised.
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There's an entire genre of driver who doesn't know that overtaking is a legal manoeuvre & insists on flashing their lights when you do it.
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Led Zeppelin are mega
Found 4p when I was cleaning my room. #Rich