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jaime jamgochian
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So happy to be home in MA for my beautiful moms Birthday!:) She is truly one of the most caring,…
Just be YOU!!! Everyone else is already taken:) #jjtips
Well hello Logan airport:) Can u guess what city I just landed in?Lived here the first 21 years of my…
Almost HOME to a little 12 Days Of Christmas project to work on....hoping my momma helps;) New Christmas song out SOON!:)
Don't let fear hold you back from taking a chance & trying.Worst case you fail but failure in whose eyes?Check your perspective & go for it!
I'm SO thankful for kind & generous friends who drive me to the airport quite often..THANK U & love you @lindsaymccaul @tiffanyrockhold :)
Day 12 on this #30daysofthanks & it's the # in the Christmas song I re-wrote/recorded. It will be on iTunes next week!12 Days Of Christmas:)
It's almost DEC & I have a NEW CHRISTMAS SINGLE coming out next week. Any guesses what classic song I re-wrote & recorded? It's a fun one:)
Love this verse!!! Praying I live this out everyday:) Proverbs 11:25 #thebelongingco #worshipcity
Looooovvee this fun friend or as she would say fraaand! Such beautiful things ahead for this one!…
Gods peace is a powerful tool in making decisions....follow it! #jjtips
CHURCH tonight....if your local to Nash come on out! Get refreshed and experience the presence of God @TheBelongingCo Would love to see u!
2nd the original version (which we re-wrote most lyrics)there might be some swans in it!Any idea what Christmas classic I recorded?
Sooooo I have slightly re-written & recorded a Christmas Classic! Anyone want to guess what song?:( hint..I don't understand all the lyrics.
"He who is generous will be blessed." Proverbs 22:9 #livetogive
Today your miracle could happen....your prayer could be answered!:) Start the day off expectant!:) #jjtips
The things you take for granted someone else is praying for. Be grateful & content:) #jjtips
You don't always have to know the next step....just keep moving forward. #jjtips
For those of you who guessed 1 of my FAV places is @WholeFoods Love their juices, coffee, lotions & potions & everything else!:)#organicgirl
Meeting a friend at one of my favorite places...most cities have this store and it brings me much peace for some reason! Any guesses?:)
DAY 14- How we doing on the 30 day's of purposeful thanksgiving? Today I'm thankful for hope & hot tea:) #30daysofthanks
One of my favs:) "It is God who works in you both to will and do of His good pleasure." Phil 2:13
Monday morning....Let's start this day anticipating the goodness of God to be with us throughout all that comes our way. #jjtips
3am-I guess that tea I had was not decaf...must have had caffeine in it! On the bright side I've gotten lot's of work & emails done tonight!
Place it in Gods Him and get some sleep. A new day is coming soon:) #goodnight:
GRATITUDE turns what we have into ENOUGH. Day 15- #30daysofthanks
"To find God, I had to let go of me." ~Sara Hagerty
RT @MissMandyHale: Girls night with @jaimejamgochian...swaggin' in my onesie... /yup & of course it's got polka dots!
"Truly He is my rock and salvation. He is my fortress, I will not be shaken."Psalms 62:6 #30DaysOfThanks
Thankful that God is FOR US.. There are people in our lives who are FOR US. There is nothing too difficult for Him. #30DaysOfThanks
Day 18- "It's not happy people who are THANKFUL but THANKFUL people who are HAPPY!" Spread some JOY this season friends!:) #30daysofthanks
Snapped this shot real quick during worship @TheBelongingCo on tues night. There are so many things I…
Today is DAY 19 on the #30daysofthanks I am so thankful for GRACE!!! It's His GRACE that is sufficient. If you need more of it....just ask!
It's always our hearts Jesus is after. Trust that He has you right where He knows you need to be. We…
"Give Thanks in EVERYTHING" Isn't it interesting how God asks us to be thankful IN everything. You will begin to see things differently :)
God is more interested in changing you than He is in changing your circumstances. Trust right where He has you!:)
Day 23"Be anxious about NOTHING but in EVERYTHING by prayer,petition w/ THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known to God"#30daysofthanks
Listening through entries tonight for this! Still time to submit songs:)With @ccmmagazine @joshwilson @mschultzmusic
Be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between. Count your blessings, not your problems!! DAY 24 on the #30daysofthanks
Trust Gods His timing!:) He makes ALL THINGS NEW!:)
Day 25 of thanks:)- GIVE THANKS FOR UNKNOWN BLESSING ARE ALREADY ON THEIR WAY!..I am thankful for what God is doing behind the scenes today!
RT @IHS_mag: Just stumbled on the #ModestIsHottest ministry of Jaime.Her message is highly relevant&needed for 2day's generation/ Thank U!:)
Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a LOVELY PICTURE!:) -Kak Sri Beauty from Ashes..... #30daysofthanks
A grateful heart is the beginning of greatness. - James E Faust #30daysofthanks
Been working on a little Christmas song surprise for you all....Any guesses on what familiar song I re-did?:) Changed the lyrics up some:)
"Gratitude is the memory of the heart" Today Im thankful that all God is looking for is a yielded heart.Oh how He LOVES US! #30daysofthanks
So much fun celebrating the beautiful stephanielacorte on her Birthday. You are such a gem…