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Jai Brooks
Seattle 😍😍
He thought I was taking a picture!imDneab
I've literally been replacing most meals during the day with popcorn
Hope everyone's day is mighty fine
Ronnie Diamond... Sitting in front of... Well... Ronnie Diamond
I hate the drains in bath tubs and in showers, I'll never touch one
Anything good on Netflix?
it's all good your chicken wings really made up for it mmmm delicious @WHotels
Just payed 12 dollars for what appears to be a couple pieces of corn.. @WHotels
Question and answer for beau!8s8neab
Click the link in my bio ! Luke vs Jai
Happy birthday myriam I will cook you some chicken maybe ❤️ @MariamDiamond
More episodes to come of Luke and myself battling it out, stay tuned for round 2 next week!
Round 1 Luke vs Jai new twin talk time, see who's the better twin!
Can't sleep entertain me
Keep screaming it out ! James your hair looks shit!!
Hey guys, I'm backstage... Everyone scream out 'James your hair looks shit'!
@nashgrier @beaupeterbrooks @jamesyammouniofficial good days!
Gunna post some pics on my facebook page : )
Don't know what to tweet hopefully this is good enough but it's not haha I'm sorry
Retweeted by Jai Brooks
Mum was so shocked when I pulled these out, haha they made it all the way back to the Simpsons house !
Tonight's been awesome !
Hey riverside im backstage everyone chant 'daniel your shoes are ugly' !! Quick!!
Lost my drawing books and all my equipment fuckkkkkk
I want pasta for breakfast mmm
loving your new single bro, killing it like always proud of ya mate! @GuySebastian
Hey San Diego its Jai backstage everyone shout james smells like shit!!!
I put on headphones and after the song finished he was still talking, the poor guy thought I was listening the whole time
I'm too nice to tell my uber driver to shut up, he doesn't stop talking