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Jai Brooks
Tonight's been awesome !
Hey riverside im backstage everyone chant 'daniel your shoes are ugly' !! Quick!!
Lost my drawing books and all my equipment fuckkkkkk
I want pasta for breakfast mmm
loving your new single bro, killing it like always proud of ya mate! @GuySebastian
Hey San Diego its Jai backstage everyone shout james smells like shit!!!
I put on headphones and after the song finished he was still talking, the poor guy thought I was listening the whole time
I'm too nice to tell my uber driver to shut up, he doesn't stop talking
It's only 7 30 pm :O
Stuck in a bit of a pickle
Someone pimped out our house with Halloween decorations lol the Simpsons are celebrating Halloween this year
@lukepov caught beau being a creep and watching over my phone, thanks for reporting over this modern day crime luke
fifa sesh when i come aus ;) I'll smash u @andrewwtheo
I here you haha keep screaming it
Hey Houston tweeting from backstage hehe scream Daniels mums titties if you see this
If anyone happens to need any mustard, ask Luke the mustard man!
Last night I was left all by myself with Netflix and room service. We had a threesome.
You Luke more like a kitty @luke_brooks
me being a kinky tiger slut in my pajamas whilst maintaining dat ass grab roarrr
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Today has been an awesome day
Beau and I are going golfing 😎
saw daniel walking down to the shops earlier @flowerkingharry
lets hope I get the right hole this time ❤️ @beaubrooksboy
Fuckin bored man
Sorry fucked this tweet up, lets just forget about it @JaiBrooks1
Fuck yeh beau just gave me permission to slap beau because he called me Jye
U want anymore food there Nidhish ?
Just got a handy 12 hours of sleep woohoo
Sorry I haven't been tweeting much, dead set been exhausted!