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Jaeseop Kim
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[ TWITTER UPDATE ] After the heart surgery, I am im recovery.
After the heart surgery, I am in recovery.
As Good As It Gets -listening to MJ's "Love Never Felt So Good" Successfully finished my Freshman Year!!
exam..after exam..after exam..and..and..again exam.. "EXAMSSSSSSSSSZZZZZZZZ" sleeping in the library Photo by Han Yoo
Now back to my normal life from the dream.
The best spot in Columbia Univ. I am on state of ineffable happiness!!
Finally midterm is over!! Rewarding myself for successfully finishing all the exams!! Perfect weather!!
shooting ABC's Good Morning America!! Yeppy!!
It was a memorable experience which I can never gorget. Thank you Kiss Mes! LOVE u all~♥
I am on New York Post!! Hurray~~ Ivy League student by day, Korea's Justin Bieber by night
photo shooting for New York Post @Columbia University!!
드레스 코드 앨범 어때요? How do you like the Dress Code album? Dress Code album はどうですか?
바로 오늘 의류앨범 [Only You] 발매를 기념하여 명동 롯데영프라자 2층에서 팝업스토어가 오픈되었습니다!구매고객 전원에게 한정포스터도 증정!수량이 한정되어 있으니 서두르세요!온라인구매는 여기>>
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내 하나 밖에 없는 가족 같은 친구 샬롬이~♥ 샬롬과의 별이 빛나는 밤~★
Special shout-out from the boys of #UKISS on their 1st U.S. Tour! GET TIX at #kpop
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7枚目のシングル「Fall in Love/Shape of Your Heart」が今日リリースしました!たくさん応援してくださ〜〜いぃぃ #FallinLovewithUKISS