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big butts

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why would I want a thigh gap anyways what are you going do look at another girl through it I don't think so
I want to hug cute boys who are taller than me and smell good
school… more like.. dumb… follow for more clever jokes
It's so frustrating when you're watching a really good programme and then the adverts come on ffs
what a coincidence that all my friends ignore me throughout the summer holidays
I can't help but feel as if all my friends hate me, sigh
do you even realize how difficult you are to tolerate
I'm fed up of my family I'm leaving to get adopted by Will Smith
I love so many bands if someone asked me which one is my favourite it would literally be like asking a mother which is her favourite child
Can you tell from the look in our eyes? WE'RE GOING NO WHERE.
taylor momsen is so hot
Hold my heart it's beating for you anyway
There was this cute boy at the hotel who looked like Andrew Garfield I'm so not going to stalk him and by that I mean I'm going to stalk him
There was no signal in Spain and it was really hot and I'm pretty sure it was hell
I've had my phone off for a week and I have no messages what does that say about my social life
Back in England yes YEEEEEES
When do I not want food oh that's right never o'clock
I really want some hashbrowns mmmMMMmmMMmm
It's 3am how do I not feel tired
Someone talk to me on bbm I'm lonely 21B5249D
I'm supposed to be asleep right now since I'm waking up at 1am to get ready for Spain but there's only one hour left so what's the point
I think when I'm on holiday the thing I miss the most is the internet which is bad when you think about it
I'm in Spain for a week, unfollow me and I'll stamp on your feet
I brushed my teeth and now I'm eating sweets
cute relationship that's all I want why can't I have a cute relationship