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Got to be up at 6:15am😢
@jay14x jada is bae; beard is love
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Smoking like i hate my lungs. Drinking like i hate my liver.
@ell47__ i love you so much princess x
Why won't my motherfucking hair grow ffs.
Loyal boys with bright futures❤️
dedicated girls with goals 😍💍
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The thought of waking up at 6am tomorrow morning.
This morning > the weeknd
If you ain't with me motherfucker you're against me
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No matter what I do I'll always remain true
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I'm starting to hate these people i live with😴
not even tired and i have to be up at half six tomorrow😥😥
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ain't much out there to have feelings for.
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my tweets are so fucking stupid
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you don't gotta be drunk to have fun but you do have to be naked.
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@Caaaluuumm Jada is love, Jada is life***
What's mine is yours baby 👫💏💑😍💯❤️💍
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Such a cute mood❤️❤️ love calum
@justinbieber FOLLOW ME JUSTIN😩😩😩😩😩
I'm in such a cute mood omdsssss
A girls twitter is full of hints💅
If my boyf dropped me a text like this😩 he'd make me cry this is cute💟
pisses me off when girls beg for a lad to "protect" them, grow the fuck up and look after yourself
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Never get dressed up, never looked so rah😩
Losing everything but weight😥
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Bitches on the pill and not the morning after one 🙅
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I still remember the feeling I felt when I first started talking to you.
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The best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone.
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They know the face they know the name 😏
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@justinbieber ANSWER ME B4 I CRI
@justinbieber come eat pizza with me💜
Hate cocky school kids pls die 🌚
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need a sunday buddy
your existence makes me angry
never hated someone so much.
so horny😴
same shit.
calum makes me happy gay.
technically, 3 — how?
so you are a little kid and you think this older guy is interested in you lol — he's 2 years older than me lol.
its so funny that you give yourself pretend hate — i do lol
What to do on a rainy day? — lick fanny