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if you got a beard, youre instantly attractive
wish social services would stop fucking with my life.
a loyal girls comes with a smart mouth & arguments, only a slut will let you do as you please cause she got 20 more
Oh so now I got a few followers on Instagram u think we can b friends? U trippin brahh
Proper happy me and calum sorted things though
Kinda happy that I have a good figure like I just see these girls trying so hard pushing there boobs together and sticking there bums out.
Sometimes people never get what they deserve because they're too busy holding on to things they're suppose to let go of.
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check out my short cover of Latch by Disclosure ft Sam Smith 💦 fully aware that i'm not good at…
Check out my short cover of Latch by Disclosure ft Sam smith✖️ fully aware I'm not good at singing but…
@JakeWhetter: It's a "put you on repeat, play you everywhere I go" kinda day.
@ToyanShen well.. ive seen all her face so opinion is irreverent 🍼
@ToyanShen okay so the face right there you can't see👀 oh oh ok then
if they don't see your worth, fuck them and find someone who does.
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If I have to ask for your attention, then I don’t even want it.
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If I was you, I'd put my clothes back on and stop complaining that boys are treating you like shit when you've shagged pretty much every one