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3an Jad
- mrakhhas hal fared? - sheri bi se3ro
Bezkor ta7t ldawali
i usually use "Ö" to express my excessive ":O"
@jad__haddad an old man once told me enno 7atta l metwadi3 bikoun sheyef b 7alo enno metwadi3
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Ma fikon tetfakhfakho w ta3mlo halkon metwad3in
Q: Where do childbirth doctors do their internship? A: at the gym
What would kazem lsaher do without nizar kabbani?
Ya khawwan , tofyit walla jowa glebe shame3tak
I'll have a lot of haters for this, but am I the only person who thinks nadine njeim is not that hot?
Chabeb yalle akhadla tiza yrajje3a ... ma 7elo hal maze7
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Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Spiderman, Antman ..... What's next?
When you lose self-confidence know you will lose anything else.
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The solution for everything
Treat me like I'm one of your French girls
" Go ask your mom " - lesbian couple trolling on their adopted kid
بيقعدو بخلّدو ١٠٠ سنة عايشين و بقولولك العمر غفلة
Doctor: kifna liom? me: ana li lezem es2alkon kifkon !
-ktir helo sobatak -thanksss bro :D -fi menno rejjelé?
when i was young i used to dream that i went to skool naked, now all my dreams involve coats, sweaters, jeans… i miss being young
bcharre people would love you if you tell them : ahla brobbak
a true friend is when you can't find any strict definition to define him
Life is too tall for short people
Hannibal makes me wanna be a cook
Craving Käsekrainer
When you wake up and there's foreign voices in your house
Leh sette hal2ad popular bel day3a?
*lights another cigarette*
Na7na el bala marba w hiyye el met3asbe. Plz ma bedde hek 3alam ye7ko b esem dine.
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Treat me like I'm one of your French girls
Fastest way to get the fetoura on your table : stand up and walk away
Now I'm confused what I should name my Somali friend on my phone…
My ex badda tetjawaz w mich 3ezmetne , smh
Nothing beats the cool breeze when youre out on the balcony. *gets eaten alive by mosquitos*
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- 11:11 make a w.... -
Kotro 3layke lmo3jabin, w saffa matra7e khaleh.. Chu lah tomboset mart khale bas ta3ref
Hol li bimasho l arguileh kif Ba3don 3eyshin?

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