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3an Jad
comedy humour lebanon 448 followers
Ldene douleb, ba3ed bade dene tenye w bisir 3ande bicyclette
Porn movies be like " 18 years old virgin " but it always turns out to be an whore older than my grandma
tries to do a sit-up…. accomplishes the sit !
- 3am ttawel sha3rak? - la walla mkhena2 ma3 l 7ella2 -__-
that mosquito is on top of me, she’s so good at sucking…. my blood of course
I'm really good at multiple choice questions unless the last choice is : " none of the above "
describe your love life with a movie title : gone with the wind
i had a blurry dream, forgot to sleep with my glasses on
fi nes albon dalilon, ana google maps dalileh
i never felt guilty for eating fried eggs, until i saw a small chick in my plate
buy 1 get 1 free = buy something shit two times in a row
Does God sing David guetta’s song : the world is mine ?
50 cents is worth 5.5 sms
fi siyaret mawta 3am tesra3, lhay2a lmayet bi 7ale khatira,,, 3am bi 3ich
محشش بيتغزل بحبيبته: لو عرف الطفل نعومت خديك لترك البامبرز وخري عليكي....
You don't need glasses to properly see how beautiful a girl is, just a few shots of whisky mixed with wine mixed with vodka mixed with......
محشش قالوا له. اكمل المثل التالي : اللي بيته من زجاج....... قال : ما ينام مع مرته بالصالون
محشش دهن" زبو" اخضر، بليلة عرسو شافتو العروس وقالتلو ليش اخضر ؟؟؟؟ قال: أهااااا يعني شايفه غيرو يا شرموطة
Omw to the casino, wish me luck