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Jacqueline Laurita
XO “@Tpooh1973: I strive each day to be as compassionate as @JacLaurita. She is a great example of how to live. Live, laugh, love”
XO “@prettycici88: @JacLaurita You are one the most sincere people Jacqueline I am so glad you are back the show is not the same without u”
@JacLaurita Nickolas is so adoreable & sweet. You & Chris are doing a great w/ him! So lucky 2 have you as parents. God Bless your family.
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Never! XO “@ShawnaSchmitt: @JacLaurita U have such a BIG heart. I love how much compassion you have for people, Dont ever change. #RHONJ
Another great memory with my favorite NJ housewife @JacLaurita in the Hamptons in 2010! Can I get a follow back?
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I love answering you guys but I feel bad when I do because I clog up everyone's timelines. So sorry! XOXO! I do appreciate all the support!
@JacLaurita u are truly so inspiring and u bring so much positive energy to the show I wish there were more friends out there like u!!!!
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@JacLaurita We LOVE you Jacqueline! Love that we get 2 see you on 2 shows!
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XO “@cherierickard: @JacLaurita Blessed are those who bless others. Good for on keeping your head up and staying classy.”
The realest part of the show was @JacLaurita @KathyWakile @RosiePierri n the hubs genuine heartfelt reaction to the case. Love them. #RHONJ
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Thank you for noticing. 😘 @MrsLadieVeee:@JacLauritaa your a true friend ♡♡♡♡”
XO “@ysvevalverde: @JacLaurita you are the most loyal friend ever”
XOXO “@emwake1: @JacLaurita is such a good friend.I would do anything for you and your family.”
Thank you! XO “@StacieCav: @JacLaurita : you are truly a wonderful woman! Anyone would be lucky to have a friend like you!”
XOXO “@michaeljshind: @JacLaurita you & Chris are the best parents . I hope Nick is doing better - such a lilttle cutie your in my prayers”
Makes me feel good! Thank you! XO! “@JessSheppp: I absolutely adore @JacLaurita...she has such a big heart and beautiful soul.”
XO! Love you too! “@BRAVOMISTRESS: Love you ladies @JacLaurita @KathyWakile 😘 #RHONJJ”
Yes... And Yes! “@LissaMarie73: @JacLaurita did chris reach out 2 Joe and did he respond?”
@JacLaurita my little brother has autism, and I'm so amazed at all your work making the world more aware and accepting! Thanks so much! xo
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Thank you! XO! “@brittneykeefer: @JacLaurita I absolutely LOVE have the most beautiful family....”
@NicolbertReport @KathyWakile @JacLaurita I agree they've always been genuine!! And truly care! 💜 love ya Kathy & Jacqueline!!
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I'm loving @CarolineManzo's new show and I love more that @JacLaurita is on it too, my 2 favs!
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XO! Love you back! “@DinaReddy: @JacLaurita @mtnba98 you're an awesome Mother, person and wife, Jaqueline. I love you!”
XO “@shortysshow: @JacLaurita you my lady seem to be a wonderful wife,mother&friend inside and out! Thank you for sharing that with us! 🙏😘”
Love you back! XOxO! “@SchiYONCE: everytime @JacLaurita pops into my tv screen, she warms my heart. LOVE YOU JAC!”
XO “@KimberlyErwin34: @JacLaurita you and Chris have such amazing hearts! Always wishing the best for your entire family!”
@JacLaurita my favorite New Jersey housewife, want to see more of her in the future, she brigs real emotions
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@JacLaurita I'm glad ur back & have opened ur heart. I cry every time I see u cry or tear up because it's so genuine. Love u & ur family ❤️
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@JacLaurita I also loved seeing your son making so much progress! He is so special & such an inspiration to other kids! #AutismSpeaks
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XO “@slikrose: @JacLaurita You brought positive sprit to the show.”
XO “@mtnba98: @JacLaurita you and Chris' strength inspires me as an Autism mom! You rock!”
XO “@cdub720: @JacLaurita you have a huge heart!”
@JacLaurita you r the best friend a Person could have I knew u were going to b the most upset then anyone u love her from ur heart
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It says a lot about @JacLaurita's character that she continuously makes an effort and always let's @Teresa_Giudice know she's there. #RHONJ
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Hugs! “@merefolsom: Just cried watching #RHONJ........@JacLaurita pulling on my heartstrings”
@JacLaurita Never be intimidated by your challenges. No matter how tough they are, they will bow to your destiny.
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XO “@auhlisauhX0lee: @JacLaurita your such an amazing friend to Theresa ! I'm so happy you came back on the show! I love you and Chris!”
Thank you! XO “@crisssscampisi: @JacLaurita i ❤️ you, your so mature about everything 😘 you did the right thing xox”
XOXO! “@jim72182: I want to be besties with @JacLaurita !!! One of my favorite ladies.....”
Thank you, I appreciate that! XO! “@RoldanTita: @JacLaurita love you! You are a good women and person! May godbless you and your family! <3”
XO “@roseann63161962: @JacLaurita you have a heart like no other, we truly do need more people like you! God bless your kind heart!”
XO “@Gglinda10: @JacLaurita: I have always admired your strength and your way of always loving unconditional. Never change”
We're friends! XO “@crisssscampisi: Wish i had a friend like @JacLaurita
Thanks so much! “@pamhorndesign: @JacLaurita Love your shorter hair. U look amazing. #rhonj
i love @JacLaurita and @chris_laurita so much❤️ i cried so much this episode💔
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@JacLaurita and @KathyWakile made me tear up tonight. They both have such big hearts it's so nice to see😊❤️#RHONJJ
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