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Jack Douglass
New music video tomorrow. Yea, big butts are fine, but where's the love for little butts?
From 180 pounds to 160 and falling! Left pic is from July, right pic is from last week. Still have over a month left of #P90, let's keep going!
Future GamerGod88 vids: Five Nights inside Freddy, Destiny'd, and YouTube Simulator
In #P90, you work out 6 days in a row and get 1 rest day. Today is that day, and breakfast is glorious.
In #P90, you work out 6 days in a row and get 1 rest day. Today is that day, and breakfast is glorious. Cinnamon Greek yogurt, gingerbread waffles, hard boiled eggs. Not bad at all
Remember when "that's almost a hundred!" Use to be a joke because we were nowhere near one hundred but now we actually are? @jacksfilms
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And hopefully "Anaconda (Good Version)" next Monday. Not tomorrow, but NEXT Monday.
"Song for the small butts" tomorrow! JackAsk on Wednesday! And YGS #90 (!!!) on Friday!
Really happy with this. The difference 20 pounds makes
Halfway to my goal of owning a different colored v-neck for every day of the month. Proof that you CAN achieve your dreams
Saturday errands with @2ToesUp because WE ARE ADULTS
The new YGS has the world's worst spelling of the word "ballet":
Today is the last day Saturday morning cartoons will be aired on broadcast television in America. Finding this very sad. Animaniacs forever.
It's at least six weeks away, but DAMN I'm excited for YGS #95: The Megarap
Who do you wanna see in YGS #90? It'll be one big sketch
Are YouTube comments working for you guys? I can't read any on today's video.…
I still don't get Bitcoin and now I have to learn what "Ello" is. Slow down, Internet
Have I used this one before? Can't remember.
Yes, I know I said I'd be Slutty Elsa for Halloween, but come on, Slutty Olaf is so much sluttier
Gonna try to make today's YGS with little-to-no cursing. Convince your teachers to show it in class AMIRITE
.@thetomska's new video "HOW TO YOUTUBE" is a great comprehensive guide that's also entertaining - watch it!…
YGS is back today! HAPPY FRIDAY
Is there a YouTuber that simply calls his/her fans "viewers"?
Whoops, found an even better news headline
Best headline I've seen in a long time
YGS returns tomorrow! Send your best ones here!
I was curious and tried 2 smartwatches out recently - LG G Watch and the Pebble. Conclusion? We're not there yet
Obnoxious tweets aside, I genuinely love Christmas. Sucker for traditions, the music, everything. Wanna make all the Xmas vids this year
In case you missed it, 50 Facts You Can't Even:…
!!!! so proud of my abs that I woke @jacksfilms up at 6am just to take a picture. Even when i was in…
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Remember Titanfall? What happened to Titanfall? It used to be a thing, now no one's talking about Titanfall. #Titanfall
New video today with @MatthewSantoro! Only on Jacksfilms, ya dingus
Super cool fact from today's upcoming "50 Facts You Can't Even"
Any thoughts on the Galaxy Note Edge? Think it looks gimmicky or actually useful?
50 Facts You Can't Even with @MatthewSantoro today!!
Damn dude! #P90 doesn't mess around!! #ItsYourTurn
Also, YGS returns this Friday. Sorry for the delay, working on big things for the channel...