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Jack Douglass
"Try to make someone smile today, because smiling is contagious!" -Adolf Hitler
Sorry my videos have been late this week BUT MY MOM IS IN TOWN!!!!
About to workout in my favorite hat
Guhhhhh RT @thiscrs: @jacksfilms saw this, thought of you. Enjoy not drinkin'! Can't be long left surely?
"Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes, 'cause I need to know" "No dude, you're 50"
Always taking your YGS screencaps! Tweet your best ones to me!
Hot damn, there's over 170 of them! RT @laurenhannah11: watching all of @jacksfilms PMS videos :)
The latest JACKASK is one of my favorites. Check it out, ya hunk:…
Good luck RT @MauMaradiaga: When i grow up i wanna be as sassy as @jacksfilms
Anyone having publishing issues today on YouTube?
New JackAsk coming today! Should be a fun one
Lost 8 pounds so far with #P90, and it's only day 25 of 90! Who knew diet and exercise worked? Hashtag excited
Day 24 of #P90. I'm not a hunk, not yet a woman
Should GamerGod88 play Five Nights at Freddy's?
Frozen 2: Anna Loves Elsa. No, Like, She REALLY Loves Elsa rated R
Does your dog pee all the time? Stop giving it water, dummy
JackAsk today or tomorrow! Will take a few more questions, yum yum
Got a new laptop and it's crazy powerful. I have like at least 3 tabs open in Chrome
Got any #JackAsk questions for me?
Have to wear a belt with these shorts for the first time ever. Thanks a lot, #P90
Happy National Dog Day! I'm giving my dog a BIG chocolate cake to celebrate. @peta
Petition to rename tumblr "This Offends Me"
Editing today's video: A Song to all the Haters. Can apply to virtually any YouTuber. Coming soon
White people in flat-brimmed hats amirite
After the workout. Good golly Miss Molly. #p90
When I hit 300k followers on Twitter, I'll buy every one of you a Smirnoff Ice
"A Song for the Haters" won't be out until tomorrow, but man, it's worth it. Stay tuned.
YouTubers have the coolest life EVER!!! Now excuse me while I edit for 5 hours straight
My next video contains a TON of footage from my 2013 Australia trip that has never seen the light of day... UNTIL NOW. Stay tuned
4 months 'til Christmas
Addicted to Shakeology
This week's PMS: "A Song for the Haters." Next week's PMS: "You're vs. Your."
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Did you see my latest video? It's a parody of "erotic" flash games from the early 2000's:
Praying that Kanye wins Best Kanye this year
Just made a cool poll: who will win best VMA?
Can't wait to see who wins best VMA at the music video music awards show
Big thanks to @OlgaKay for taking off her clothes in today's video:…
"I love the Emmys! I'm a big movie buff!" -my girlfriend. Welcome to Dumpsville am I right
Gamergod88 will return tomorrow!
If only there were an app like Snapchat except the pictures stayed forever
Watch me, @SeanKlitzner, and @GabeHohreiter perform LIVE here! About to go on! #NMRLIVE