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Jack Douglass
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Finally making the move from Final Cut to Premiere. Thanks to @BrockBaker for showing me the light, it's awesome so far
Walkin' the tightrope
I get that my dog likes to have her belly rubbed. That's fine. But she doesn't have to stare at me the entire time
Really looking forward to Monday's PMS. Also those 2 not-gaming videos you'll get that day
RIP DDR mat. The dog got to it this morning. Had the mat from 2002. Gahhhh
In case you missed it, here's my cool-ass announcement:
In case you missed it, I kissed @jacksfilms against my will in a NEW SKETCH.…
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Found on the sidewalk by my place. Kids are so dumb loooool
Saw this on the sidewalk outside my place. Kids are so dumb looool
Got the answer! Thank you all for your replies!
Anyone know how to convert an .m2ts file to .mov? Google has failed me
Making a stupid announcement video so people don't get too confused on Monday
So damn excited for Monday. #gamergod88
No new videos this week. Stockpiling the not-gaming videos that begin Monday the 21st. Regular PMS, JackAsk, and YGS will resume then!
Awesome sketch @SeanKlitzner made with me, give it some love!…
I honestly don't get the whole "basic bitch" thing. "So you like doing things other girls like to do? Wow what a basic bitch!"
I look like a dang director whenever I wear this hat/glasses combo in the morning
Not-gaming videos begin a week from today. Two a day. #gamergod88
These are easily my favorite prank videos. @mediocrefilms does it again.…
I want another viral video of people's reactions to last night's Game of Thrones. The world demands it
Game of Thrones. Phenomenal. Need to talk to someone about it
I apologize for no YGS this weekend, I need so many more comments since it's a song (#75). Should be up Friday!
Hey girl I just downloaded the theme from Inuyasha for Dance Dance Revolution wait come back