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Jacqueline Douglass
GamerGod88 plays Smash those Bros on Saturday, be sure to drive safe
I'll at least probably take a break from YGS after #100, then maybe bring it back later
Might quit YGS after #100
Someone commented on my vine that the app should only be available for iPhones. So racist
The difference between black guys and white guys
The JACKASK playlist is now 34 videos strong and nearly 3 hours long. 2sass2furious amirite…
The best motivation for working out is wanting to fit in this Slutty Elsa costume
New YGS tomorrow! Send 'em my way!
You should fix this. RT @aimeefrommars: @jacksfilms we don't do halloween in the netherlands
Love the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, but it's a little weird they included TF2's demoman
Halloween is, like, really close you guys
Today's JackAsk has the worst pickup lines ever committed to film.…
First @YouNow live chat was a resounding success! First of many. See ya next Wednesday!
I'm LIVE! On YouNow! For the first time EVER.
Going live in 10 minutes or less!
Going live in less than an hour! Party starts here, I think:
Today's JackAsk asks the tough questions
New JACKASK today! And a LIVE CHAT following that! Hell yes
Cool vine idea #348 Cute girl sneezes on dorky guy Girl says "Whoops sorry I have ebola" Guy says "Worth it" Pls send my vine $ in singles
TRI-STATE: We will see you in ONE month! Are you ready? #playlistlive
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"There's just so much stuff." -my girlfriend discovering Reddit. Gonna be a fun night
Ok, a lot of your responses are outstanding. Should be an awesome episode tomorrow
What's your best pickup line? Best answers will be read in tomorrow's JACKASK
Every time I've replayed @RageNineteen's latest video, I've thought my microwave went off. Every. Time.…
New JackAsk tomorrow! Now taking your questions for the only Q&A show on YouTube
The Matrix meets domestic abuse. RT @2ToesUp: @jacksfilms was beaten up by his girlfriend at #BufferFestival
Wanna thank @CoreyVidal, @ApprenticeEh, and everyone else who helped make @BufferFestival happen. Here's to many more!
GamerGod88 returns this Saturday with "Smash Those Brothers"
Just a reminder that not all people offering criticism are "haters." I owe a lot to mean-but-true feedback
I've gotta wear suits more often. Such a fun night. #BufferFestival
Exciting news: weekly LIVE CHATS will be back, starting tomorrow!
This city deserves a better class of tweeting....and I'm not gonna give it to them
My dog knows one trick and it's "Be needy"
Was so much fun wearing a suit last weekend. Gotta do that more often
Working on Halloweek for next week! A Halloween-themed PMS, YGS, and JackAsk. Boo ya whore
Yes, I'm aware of the pop duo "Jedward." I once got a CD of theirs in my P.O. box. It was the worst music imaginable.
Only 2 more weeks left of #P90! Just wait until you see what I have planned for the Day 90 video...
Fun pic of the red carpet event at Buffer Festival!
Cool, cloudy morning in LA, honestly my favorite kind. Also realized this matches my avatar perfectly
Back in LA! I can already smell the broken dreams
The 2:00pm @jacksfilms screening is one that you do not want to miss. Trust me. #BufferFestival
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Not looking forward to leaving beautiful Toronto today. I AM looking forward to my screening being hosted by @SeanKlitzner!
Also, whoever made today's avatar, amazing job. Favorite one yet
Jacksfilms screening today at 2pm! Then a meetup at 4! Who will I see today?! @BufferFestival