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Jack Douglass
HUGE congratulations to idiot/father @SeanKlitzner and @NoelleeK on their baby girl Brooklyn!!! GAHHHHH
Just uploaded my Apple Watch parody with the COMPLETE ENDING on Facebook, go check it out!…
1,000,000 views in 2 days. That's stupid, guys. Thank you.…
People are calling my phone fat. You fat-shamers need to honor its curves because it's a REAL phone. Also it hates exercise
YGS tomorrow!! Send your best/worst comments here! Almost at #100...
The newest JACKASK is one of my favorites. Features a ton of your questions/responses. Watch it!…
Haha really?! RT @mauseknodel: @jacksfilms Your applewatch parody is on german TV .. it was even dubbed very badly :D
@jacksfilms I knew instantly what to get with your @audible_com sponsored free audiobook. Absolutely worth it
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NEW JACKASK! More of your awful questions answered!…
Uploading JackAsk now! Look for this thumbnail
Have a new poll that will be featured in today's JackAsk. Vote if you dare:
Re-reading "The Giver" via audiobook, so good. You can too FOR FREE! Get any free audiobook at
I'll take a few more #JackAsk questions from you and then get the video out shortly!
Thanks for the shoutout in today's PDS, @PhillyD! Check it out:…
Now's the part where I ask YOU a question and will feature your best answers on JackAsk: What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch?
NEW JACKASK TODAY! Send me all of your questions and use #JackAsk ya ding-dongs
Front page of Reddit?! Are you serious? I've never been on the front page of reddit! Thank you all for sharing!
Holy crap, you guys really like my Apple Watch parody! Thank you!!…
Taking an Omegle break, holy crap that was fun
Party in Omegle right now! Type "dingus" in the interests section
Thinking about renaming today's parody to "Why you shouldn't buy the Apple Watch" or something like that. Thoughts?
Shit. The video's been done for an hour but I'm having exporting issues
You'll see what it stands for very soon...
Laughing pretty hard. Think you'll like this #AppleWatchParody
"Oh man U2's new album sounds great!" -3 loyal fans
This is really weird banter
Not sure how I feel about the Apple Watch. Yes, some very cool features, but nothing your smartphone can't already do.
Okay, THAT was pretty cool.
And here I am, fumbling with my credit card like some asshole #ApplePay
Ooof, that commercial was cringeworthy
This is pathetic.
You guys broke Apple today. Hope you're proud
Can't wait for Tim Cook to reveal Half-Life 3
Ready for today. Parody time, biches.
Klondike was super lethargic last night, gave us a bit of a scare. Woke up to her licking our faces happily. CRISIS AVERTED
I wanna start a new series called "Ab Fights" where you fight people but only with your abs. Problem is I need to get them first
If the iWatch sucks, I'll be disappointed but will make a great parody. If the iWatch is awesome, I'll be happy but have no parody. CATCH-22
Upcoming videos: iWatch parody Tuesday JackAsk Wednesday YGS Friday Gamergod88 Saturday You're vs. Your Monday
Might do an iWatch parody on Tuesday, drive safe
The amazing @Beachbody crew got me into the #Streamys but my tooth decided otherwise. If you're going and need something to wear, COME OVER!
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"Would really appreciate if you voted for MyMusic at the Streamys if you can." -Intern 2/Flowchart
Got a new suit for the Streamys tomorrow, looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Hey you know what's more fun than getting dragged by your girlfriend to go shoe shopping? NOTHING
Rapping vs raping Happens way too commonly One's a form of music The other's a felony via @jacksfilms
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Three days until the iWatch, and NO ONE knows what it looks like. I think that's pretty neat. Leaks are far too common now.