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@Nxffie !!!! literally this inspires me SO much because I was just telling @BRlDGE and @mato_iiivans about the book Im working on 🙈
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I'd like to have a copy of your book when it is written @blondefrommars_
"@maliqjo: I hate when ketchup comes out watery at first" 1/3 of the reasons why I dont fxck with ketchup
Migos and GBE bout to have a war and y'all wanna worry bout what ISIS is doing smh
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On drxgs the last like 4 bars I flowed it wrong sounded dope tho ha
i wonder how many coco remixes out there..
my 9yr old niece is making youtube videos on how to make mermaid potion
If you still tryna sell vemma you bogus as fxck.
I got a crazy beat @LUCKIX197 would kill
To anybody who supports me, I just wanna thank you. I can't ever say that enough.
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Once I get home I'll be starting this @Nxffie remix. Not sure if I should just do hard rap beat or to trap that bitch up.
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Ill drop a tape when I have a kid
I use to turn on the mic and freestyle some of my old shxt haha
@Nxffie thank youuuu,,,
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"@Reeferrachel: @Nxffie WHERE CAN I LISTEN TO DRXGSNHXGS" what's your email ill send you the entire ep Its on.
"@DiverseReasoN: @Nxffie Sick music keep it up just found you :D hope you make it big brotha!" Thanks yo!
"@PatBanahan: @Nxffie what's good for the day" Champaign
"@PatBanahan: @Nxffie shit was not hot lol I wanted it to be so bad" haha shxt was a fail
Raury and Gucci mane
"@EyezikMusic: @Nxffie its his best work no doubt. Lyrically and production wise." Straight up I just love the fact he keep it real.
"@EyezikMusic: @Nxffie hell yeah" straight up !
Yall feeling that new Cole ?
And what I do act more stupidly
Im on twitter talkin like its just you and me ooooooohhhh
Third eye position
Kids from Cole Middle School have refused a bus ride back to their school. #Denver
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I need slow tempo fast hi hats beats with heavy kicks and 808. No futuristic Travis porter type shxt. Simple lead heavy drums
I rarely smoke.m I need to increase my intake
"@MicTorrance: Haha nxffie said "yay" lololololol" hahaha tweaked
I need funds.
Still hustlin lemme know if you need a ticket for tomorrow show in joliet, IL @Alex_Wiley @CurrenSy_Spitta
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Me @TWREKS_ & @Cxdis got some heat comin this month.
"@Walkkkward: Songs got the realest content... Lyrically BUILT. S/o @Nxffie just wish his lyrics were online." That's a good idea bro noted*
SHE TOLD ME GIVE LIFE A TRY, NOW IM ALIVE. Listen to Alxve by NxffieMusic #np on #SoundCloud…
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"@Walkkkward: Neffie the only rapper round Chicago I fuck with, too bad ol boy stays so lowkey." Soon it will change
"@Walkkkward: “@Nxffie: @Walkkkward has unlimited hoes.” Not valid, and still not as good as your unlimited raps yafeel me🔥🙌" :)
You've changed man. #coco
I wouldn't mind starting a life and family with you but I'm in love with the Co Co.
I would fxck with you but I'm in love with the co co
Too bad I'm in love with the co co