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Portlandia season 3 was just put on netflix so I know what I'm doing all night!!!
*artfully romances a grilled cheese*
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Why does everyone in the movie the spectacular now have pit stains omg???
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Alt-J (29), Little Mix (22) & The 1975 (18)
What else would @ashleysetzer and I be watching on a Sunday afternoon tho
Driving 35 minutes to meet @jackieomara halfway between home and school to get breakfast. Long distance relationships r hard
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Me: *looks at bed* Atttt laaaaaaaaaaaasssstttt
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What r friends
I have a son!!! His name is Ishmael!!! He never calls me anymore!!!
I have about three months left until I'm forced to get my shit together and go into the real world after I graduate and that's scary!!! help
My room is eight thousand degrees right now it's not okay
I want brunch 😩 specifically from Amy's Place
Tokyo police club playing at BJs. Tears are streaming
Yoooou're a fucking weirdooooo!!
I'm about to cut my own bangs, pray for me
I miss sitting on my porch in nice weather and reading. Is it spring yet?
sext: I would leave the house for you
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"So help me God I will jump from head to head using your skulls as stepping stones into the river that is the street"
Saw these hanging around campus today!! @PAT_terns
Tim Hortons on campus is still one of the best ideas Fredonia has ever had
Can I skip classes tomorrow OR NAW
Bars are lame. I wanna be home in bed watching netflix stoned thx
Fredonia would walk through the blizzard of '77 to go downtown
Making good use of my black platform converse tonight
I've got two tickets to iron maiden baybee
90s grunge party tonight at BJs, good thing I dress like that anyway???
"Miley pretends to be a party chick, but she probably spends her nights at home laying in a pile of dogs" me
My mom just texted me this link. She's worse than me.
I definitely just slept for 12 hours and I feel so good
You know what’s easier than applying sunscreen? Not going outside.
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WOW I just want to sleep
Old people are the absolute worst when they don't get their way
I'm on my third cup of coffee today bye!!!
I can't with winter anymore
I wish I could bring myself to wear sweatpants to class. Life would be a lot easier
People are still tweeting about flappy bird lol
I have such little motivation this semester already, it's horrible
New twitter is weird