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Jacqueline Emerson
@businessinsider: 15 incredibly impressive students at @Stanford” can't believe I was included. Thank you SO much!!
Just because I don't understand what's going on doesn't mean I can't still have fun #GOSTANFORD #nerdnation
Quick getaway to film a SUPER EXCITING project at #youtubespacela today!!! Now for all that homework... #whoops #ihavetogiveaChinesespeechtomorrow #memorized #itsnotmemorized
You both are my everything. Happy 18th birthday to the best sisters a girl could ask for. I love you <3 #idontcareifyoureadults #wearestillplayingdressup
Somebody just described my style as "accidentally bohemian"
Starbucks is playing holiday music BUT THERE ARE NO HOLIDAY CUPS. I strongly object.
Proudly wearing our battle scars from pretzel-making. #perksoflivingintheGermanhouse #isweartheytastegood
Gaining personal life insights from buzzfeed quizzes
In honor of National Coffee Day, I will drink tea. Just go with it. #welcometomylife #youcanjudge
I hate eating raisins. It's like eating little old people.
Believe it or not, these are cookies.
I just auditioned for the all-male acapella group at Stanford. And it was aca-epic.
Livin dat dorm room life #themessydeskwithalltheharrypottersismine #college
@crushabledotcom: Hey now, hey now! Hilary Duff is on board with a Lizzie McGuire reunion” stop. I can't.
So incredibly blessed to have @jackie_emerson around. Not only were you an amazing host, but JEEZE girl you gotta beautiful soul. #loveyou
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HER FIRST BROADWAY SHOW EVER #thereweretears #obviously
.@jackie_emerson: "Wait, what were you doing at the North Pole?" @parkerliautaud: "Uh, I was walking there..."
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"Putting the swag in swag in swag-o-licious" --@jackandraka AKA the kid who cured cancer #nbd #itscasual...
"Putting the swag in swag in swag-o-licious" --@jackandraka AKA the kid who cured cancer #nbd #itscasual #toocoolforschool #exceptwereataneducationconference #stuvoice
In the words of my dear friend and trusted mentor, Hannah Montana, "HELLOOOOOO NEW YORK!!!"
@AndrewTheWhip: @jackie_emerson What's a pirate's favorite kind of movie?” What???
What's a pirate's favorite planet?
Today is my favorite holiday: national talk like a pirate day. Be prepared for an onslaught of pirate inspired jokes #ARRRRRRRGH
School starts Monday and guess who STILL doesn't know what classes she's gonna take
In other news, BACK IN NYC FOR THE WEEKEND TO CO-HOST @stu_voice CONFERENCE AND IM SUPER EXCITED (hence the all caps)
@jackie_emerson this is the most relatable tweet i've seen since joining this website
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It's a lot you guys. It's a lot.
I don't think anyone truly understands just how much I love salmon.
Yes. I take a lot of pride in my keychain collection. And yes. That is a poop with a mustache.
YAY @tessanetting!!!! So proud of you and excited for you! Everyone check this out :)
My butt is killing me and I couldn't care less. #iliveinbookstores #comefindmeherein3hours
Got ma Starbucks. Got ma bags. Got ma music. Let the one-man dance party commence. #ROADTRIP #backtoschool
RT Giving students a platform on which their voices can be heard. SVL! 2014 Emceed by @jackie_emerson You in?
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Thinking of the victims sending love to all those affected.
I remember 13 years ago. I remember the shock. I remember the fear. I remember the sadness. I can't ever forget. I will never forget.
SO. MUCH. DRAMA. #whatami #whereami #whoami #24601 PC: @james.alt
The Fault in Our Stars showed on the plane so basically a lot of strangers got to watch me ugly cry
Last night with my little poopsies until December, and boy am I gonna miss them. Love you both a ridiculous amount. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have you for sisters #cheesy #butilovecheese
Meet my new friend, Majestic Bench On A Hill.
RIP Joan Rivers. What a trailblazer. Thank you for the laughs and constant reminders not to take life too seriously. You will be missed.
To quote my favorite insect inspired band...all you need is love, dun da da da duh.
This stone is in a circle of distinct stones--one from each continent. On the summer solstice, the sun's rays reflect to connect all of the stones with light. This symbolizes a united mankind. I couldn't help but smile as I walked through the center...amidst the negativity of the news, this was a g
Happy anniversary of me not being on a train to Hogwarts! Still convinced my letter got lost in the mail.