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Jacqueline Emerson
Got ma Starbucks. Got ma bags. Got ma music. Let the one-man dance party commence. #ROADTRIP #backtoschool
RT Giving students a platform on which their voices can be heard. SVL! 2014 Emceed by @jackie_emerson You in?
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Thinking of the victims sending love to all those affected.
I remember 13 years ago. I remember the shock. I remember the fear. I remember the sadness. I can't ever forget. I will never forget.
SO. MUCH. DRAMA. #whatami #whereami #whoami #24601 PC: @james.alt
The Fault in Our Stars showed on the plane so basically a lot of strangers got to watch me ugly cry
Last night with my little poopsies until December, and boy am I gonna miss them. Love you both a ridiculous amount. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have you for sisters #cheesy #butilovecheese
Meet my new friend, Majestic Bench On A Hill.
RIP Joan Rivers. What a trailblazer. Thank you for the laughs and constant reminders not to take life too seriously. You will be missed.
To quote my favorite insect inspired band...all you need is love, dun da da da duh.
This stone is in a circle of distinct stones--one from each continent. On the summer solstice, the sun's rays reflect to connect all of the stones with light. This symbolizes a united mankind. I couldn't help but smile as I walked through the center...amidst the negativity of the news, this was a g
Happy anniversary of me not being on a train to Hogwarts! Still convinced my letter got lost in the mail.
Even worse than seeing women's privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying comments that show such a lack of empathy.
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Had a really good time almost crashing this boat today! #soprofessional #beterrified #iam
Mein Freund @jackie_emerson showcases her voice and soul in her beautiful new song.…
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#tbt to the time @dominicmbarnes and I finished each other's sandwiches
Well hey there giant dome! #casual
@DanaDelany: My friend @jackie_emerson's beautiful new song” thank you so much Dana!! :)
My new business venture--open up a burger joint in Hamburg called "CANNIBAL: hamburgers for Hamburgers" #ineedmoresleep
Help. I can't stop listening to @jackie_emerson's Glass fire in a jar.
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EVERYBODY wish #StuVoice Live! Host @jackie_emerson a belated Happy Birthday!! See you on 9/20 in NYC.
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Tell me this isn't the cutest bakery you've ever seen. #iminlove #imalsoreallyfull
Make sure y'all check out my new song if you havent already :)… #live #acoustic
@jackie_emerson i'm totally in love with your new song. what a voice! you're absolute talented. 💕
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Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes, cards & videos, as well as the great feedback on the song! You have truly made today special<3
@jackie_emerson I just want to tell you that I can't stop listening to Fire In Glass Jar! Best song! via @YouTube
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@jackie_emerson Listening to your new song. Your voice possesses this...classical grit and soul. Truly lovely. =] #GlassFireInAJar
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@jackie_emerson oh my gosh. I didn't expect such a magnificent voice to come out of your mouth. So beautiful. You're extremely talented 👌
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Happy Big 2-0 to Ms @jackie_emerson! We got to chat w/ #FoxFace herself all about her #HungerGames experience! -->
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@ShaunStilwell: @jackie_emerson Happy Birthday! 🎁🎂🎉🎈🎶💕 Cool song too.Your sound has evolved quite a” HAHA
AHhh so happy you all like my new song :) Please comment, share and SUBSCRIBE!!!!… yayyyyyy <3
Happy 20th birthday @jackie_emerson! Thank you for all the work you're doing with Dev for female empowerment and congrats on your song! ❤️
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@jackie_emerson OMG! THE NEW SONG IS SO PERFECT!!! YOUR VOICE IS SO PERFECT! I love this song😍
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@jackie_emerson I came back from school and I found myself with this! Love the new song,your voice is amazing! <3
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@jackie_emerson holy shit girl! I knew you could dance but I didn't know you could also SANG! Not just sing, but SANG! Happy birthday!
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Happy 20th birthday @jackie_emerson! I would've said it hours ago, but I forgot that we're in the same time zone. I love you 💗🔥💩
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@jackie_emerson the song is beautiful!!! And you’re voice. I freaking can’t. Your voice is so beautiful and you sound so much like adele tbc
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@FamousBirthdays: Wishing @jackie_emerson a Happy 20th Birthday!” I feel so honored to be included! Haha thank you!!
@jackie_emerson Coming from someone who mainly listens to rock and metal, that was amazing. Great voice! Beautiful chords and arpeggios too!
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For my birthday, I am super duper excited to share my NEW SONG with you all! Link is in info :) Let me know what you think!!! <3 #acoustic #live #original #eeeeeep
@jackie_emerson what a beautiful song and what a beautiful voice! :)
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