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Russia dead shot and destroyed a commercial airline with 259+ ppl in it.. Some of the ppl were Us citizens too.. Watch u.s. Create war now.
Progress requires sacrifice .. Are you willing to sacrifice
Out to buy a chkn salad need food
how can man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of his Gods. - Horatius
I gotta buy some zquil or rack it.. I can be tired on set..
Teen bash in La Marina? Lmfao I'm dead
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Im watching ESPN rn & all i see is Iggys fat ass on my TV...god is good🙌
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What if you don't complete the person, who completes you...
I'm going to be on an episode of orange is the new black season 3 .. I'm hype
Yes 🙌 RT@ReignDEZZ:#TheStrainn looks so awesome and gore this is a deff watch on my list
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#TheStrain looks so awesome and gore this is a deff watch on my list
Those German woman Tho 🔥😍
Damn I really thought messi was going to end it for Germany
Butterscotch candy is the best
On set today . #BlueBloods #Season5
Wow lebron going back to the cavs .. Watch the bandwagon fans crawl out their caves
Now a days woman want to make sex so complicated.. I have to sign 4 year contract with t-mobile, touch the moon, and fly just to hit.. Lmao
When your surrounded all the time by perfect things, you learn how to love the beauty in flaws..
When Lebron breaks the hearts of Heat groupies everywhere they going to start wearing Cavs shit like the last 4 years never existed.
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Bio-engineering humans has to happen fast.. The future all cybernetic would be dull.
One thing I'll never do is go up to one of my followers in person and call them by their @ name
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bout to hit thee gym.