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sǝɥƃnɥ ɥsoɾ
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I know Life has it's "ups and downs", but why do the "downs" always out-weigh the "ups"?
@WealthyWalrus: For $1 million, would you spend a year handcuffed to Kanye West?”yes if I can take the mil from Kanye n Kim still puts out😆
@FriendlyAssh0le: Forcing your pets to spend time with you by closing the door.” Lol true! @SamuelLista
World War Z was crazy!! Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I fucking loved it!!
I love it when people write funny names on their delivery orders
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If I take a delivery order to a bar, I may come back smelling like whiskey... No promises. #sorrynotsorry
Actions are stronger than words.
It's always a struggle to try and enjoy the last day of summer, when the first day of school is tomorrow. #lame
I wanna move out west
I'm just trying to get high, how ya doin
im in the mood to receive a check for six hundred thousand dollars
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Those that don't tip, fuuuuuuuuck yoooouuuuu! Cheap bastards!
Working weekends blows
Weird saying this but... I just bought all my school supplies! #backtoschool
That moment when you're bored and ain't got shit to do and your phones battery is on 4%
Couple of people from work over for a sesh
My level of lazy is that I don’t think house arrest would be that bad.
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I think if you're a guy, and you use bwahahahaha instead of hahaha... You're gay
I want to goto the beach
To help and to be helped, are two things that rarely go together
10hrs of delivery driving... Better make some sonbitchin money
All I need is like a $ mil $
I want some pretzel rods and Nutella.
Just saw someone wearing light-up sneakers... Cool I guess?
Everything is funnier when you're with your bestfriend
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I love music from the 90's
Season 1 episode 1 of family guy
Starbucks employees are weird
Sitting on the crapper and shopping for cars is always fun
RT if one day you will have the car of your dreams
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Good time to have a drink
NY strips and corn on the grill
Late night netflix is the best way to end a day
It's been a pretty solid weekend
Crickets are so freakin loud
You are wearing dead sheep when wearing UGGS #sorrynotsorry
Don't worry, I'm a Fire Marshall - Fire Marshall Bill
Spice slice at Big Mikes in Brevard NC. #winning #4thofJuly2014
I need a cig so bad
Hate it when I can't find a certain movie on #netflix