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Isma'il Al-Abrar
Wow this game is getting more and more interesting, what a goal from @Miralem_Pjanic
Omg sterling scores in his first game for @MCFC
There are FIVE types of people: 1. The one that always says bae but you'll never see bae. 2. The one that...
It's been a crazy U-turn for Delph.
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Alhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameena #EidMubarak
"Oh Allah, don't let Ramadan leave us without Your forgiveness of our sins, and acceptance of our deeds." #Ramadan2015 #sayameen
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Never thought I'd see the day where im graduating 😳🎓
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Is snapchat ever gonna feature a West African country in their live story? Sheesh.
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I miss this always looked forward to getting them especially when relatives went for Hajj…
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Thank U @MiddlesexUni my tym at the uni was a great one n I enjoyed every bit of it n made amazing friends #mdxgrad15
Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts...
And verily! This your religion (of Islamic Monotheism) is one religion, and I am your Lord, so keep your duty to...
And verily! This your religion (of Islamic Monotheism) is one religion, and I am your Lord, so keep your duty to...
And when Our Clear Verses are recited to them, you will notice a denial on the faces of the disbelievers! They...
In London we are the masters of minding our own business, u could be having a asthma attack and man next to u will continue reading da metro
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So @WhatsOnGambia claimed 2pac lived in The Gambia. Qul ya ayyuha alkafiroona, its Ramadan. Stop fabricating stories.
So many selfish insect in this world, why would you bit someone who is fasting?😡😡 Iftar soon tho🕔🕧🕖🕗🕘
Ar-Ra'd (13:13) Juzz13 Wayusabbihu alrraAAdu bihamdihi waalmalaikatu min kheefatihi wayursilu alssawaAAiqa...
Honestly Rapinoe is my favourite player in the #WWC2015
😂😂#USAUSA 4 and the captain LLYOD scores a hat-trick
Omg #WWCFinal #USA score again. The skipper AGAIN!! Lloyd
Goallllll #WWCFinal USA lead. The skipper leading by example. Come on #USA
.@ChelseaFC is delighted to announce we have agreed terms with Monaco for the season-long loan of @FALCAO... #CFC
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When you hit the crossbar twice and don't score, be sure it's not your day #WWC2015 #JPNvsENG
Honestly seeing @ChelseaFC legends leaving is worst than breaking up with you're girlfriend. #ThankYouPetr and all Chelsea legends that left
Petr Cech, absolute legend. I hope and pray you help Arsenal win pre-season games. @ChelseaFC fans will always love you. #ThankYouPetr
Your relationship with the #Quran determines your relationship with #Allah SWT. #RamadanTips
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Al-Jinn (72:6) Waannahu kana rijalun mina alinsi yaAAoothoona birijalin mina aljinni fazadoohum rahaqan 'And...
When will it end? Why the violence?
Al-Asr (103:1) WaalAAasri Inna alinsana lafee khusrin Illa allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati watawasaw...
No offence but Gambia's #CHAN team's work rate is better than the national team that played against South Africa some weeks back.
When you walking to the stage for graduation and you see that one teacher who said "You'll never be shit in life"
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Bst place for Ramadan is Arusha, Tanzania (14 hours). Whether is perfect and time flies. Sadly ds yr I'm stuck in London, 19 hours to Iftar😐
That time of the year when you are hungry the whole day and the smallest thing you eat fills the stomach.. #Ramadan2015
Chelsea fixtures for the season 15/16 - what do you lot think? #CFC
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No shot on target and 2 off target. I know we are better than that. Come on Gambia.
It's a shame seeing The Gambia team and coach celebrating a draw. This is the first game of the qualifiers, come on we could do better.
A point we'll gladly take, but Gambia needs to do more. Well done to the boys.
Mayb it's too early to judge bt I don't think Raoul Savoy is inspiring The Gambia team too much. He has to get up n let his feeling be known

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